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Top 10 Trusted Mobile App Development Companies In Switzerland

Top 10 Trusted Mobile App Development Companies In Switzerland

Tuesday March 14, 2017,

6 min Read


Definitely, you have received various answers that offer professional services to develop the app or that point to online tutorials. But, not all the offer the equal quality that you would require from a top notch developer. You have to be more careful while choosing your mobile app development partner. There are lots of price responsiveness may end up destroying the whole project. And if the project is large or quite significant, don't ever consider taking it done from a freelancer.

The world of technology is changing so fast and when it appear to mobile app development, the competition is much difficult. Every app requires having a unique quality which makes it better than the other applications available in the market. With so much competition in this field, it is not an easy task to find the best mobile app development company in Switzerland.

Here, I have made a list of reputed mobile application development companies which are providing the best mobile application experience in mobile & web app development.

The List Of Top Top 10 Trusted Mobile App Development Companies In Switzerland

Hyperlink Infosystem

Hyperlink Infosystem is a leading mobile application development company in India and they provide services in various countries. The company develops world-class iPhone, Android & windows application for every kind of businesses. They have developed many mobile applications and games for iOS, Android, Windows for every kind of enterprises. Their team has impacts to have served various requirements with powerful & strong applications.

Founded in 2011, Hyperlink Infosystem has developed 2000+ successful client base and enterprise mobile apps across all emerging platforms. They maintain various strategies to develop mobile applications for clients as per client's needs.


Ciklum is a global mobile app development company. They provide best mobility solutions excellence to fast-growing companies like nearby the globe. Since 2002, over 3000+ developers placed in the delivery centers over the globe provide their clients with a variety of services. They have a huge experience in IT field.

Anytime, you can ask creative suggestions for your app idea because their developers do a lot of research in the business to give you ideas that will help you in the marketing of your app.


Tapptic is a consulting company that brings its clients into their digital change by combining innovative technologies. As a digital specialist, they inspire their clients to use AI and machine learning to get their mobile & digital strategies always more efficient. From the development to the launching of project, they follow you with its know-how for a powerful mobile experience.

They provide best communication solutions, they offer end-to-end customer relationship management. The long-term businesses they enjoy with their clients are based on assessable success.

Experion Technologies

Experion Technologies is the best mobile app development company. In a short time, their custom apps have served over 300 clients over 26 countries worldwide. Their customers cover some of the world’s biggest companies and some of the fastest growing new stage companies. Experion provides Mobile, Web, IoT, Social & Cloud technologies to build custom solutions for their clients.

They think if you have a team of skilled people, you need to invest and believe in their own ideas. Experion Technologies do just that.


REEA is a leading mobile company in working offline & on-site for global clients. With more than 240+ professionals, which work full-time in REEA. As far as sound is involved, there is a fully equipped professional studio on the support, the idea doing that everything different. REEA manage small-medium sized IT projects to make positive businesses get the best quality app they should at a price they can suffer.They deliver a refined product that you can be happy to show off & use.

8 Ways Media

8 Ways Media is the best mobile app development company allowing expert mobile app development services. Their Professional team of app developers makes deep research & analysis to meet your needs & demands. Accessing a huge range of tools & technologies they develop customized application which is powerful & scalable for any devices.

Their mission is to help the whole business way, by delivering cost-effective & effective business solutions that manage business growth.

D4design Studios

D4design Studios is a growing design company who serving unique people across the world. They are specialized in Web Design, Web-Development, Logo Design and Mobile App development. They believe that quality is a thing that cannot be compromised and this is completely seen in their work.

They give a friendly personal level customer service & high impact solutions that will make their clients in connection with their customers, active and 100% interactive.

Swiss Tomato

Swiss Tomato is a mobile app & website development company, offers services for start-ups, small enterprises and also to industry heads! They are providing very fair and appropriate information within fair price! Their qualified team is ready to provide your custom mobile app with the best development cycle. They create modern, up to date applications to fulfill their client's requirements.

They know the process to change your dream into reality for mobile app development and website as well.

Exousia tech

With huge business experience & proven some research methods, Exousia tech helps their clients with the necessary insights to build a complete strategy for the success of their innovative app idea. They have successfully launched more than 100 app apps over a multiple of platforms.

They focus a lot on the user experience while the app development process to make the best class products to market. Our app developers and quality assurance developers work hand in hand.


3 SIDED CUBE is a leading app development company which is based in the US. They provide dedicated team has established processes & communication channels that help them to get fast and more uniform result patterns through the course of the project. Their team works best by using proven methodologies to assure timely delivery of the project for more comfort of their client.

They think if you have a team of skilled people, you need to invest and believe in their own ideas.

The list of top 10 trusted mobile app development companies in Switzerland is based on my genuine research. Your suggestions are welcome. Comment if you want to know anything more about these companies. The list will be updated soon with more companies when more research is done.

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