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    Is Digital Marketing Jobs Paying More Salaries? Analytics says yes

    By yoshitha yoshi|29th May 2018
    Report says in India the average salary of digital marketing professional is Rs. 3 to 3.5 Lakhs. Longer the experience, higher will be remuneration. And this is the reason, why digital marketing jobs paying more salaries and digital marketing training is in high demand. 
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    Is Digital Marketing Jobs Paying More Salaries? 

    Is Digital Marketing Jobs Paying More Salaries? 

    It must be a surprise for you, but yes!! Digital marketing is one of the high paying profiles. The report says in India the average salary of a digital marketing professional is Rs. 3 to 3.5 Lakhs. Longer the experience, higher will be remuneration. And this is the reason, why digital marketing jobs are in trend and digital marketing training is in high demand.

    It is important to get the concept of digital marketing and for that, it is ideal to go to its past. The bright history of digital marketing is not more than 5 years old. Digital marketing is the result of ever-changing customer behaviour to response the evolution of internet and smartphone back in the 21st century. Report states, in 2018 more than 500 million Indians will be having access to the internet and among them, a staggering 337 million Indians will be accessed through a smartphone. These are huge numbers, with a potential for businesses to spread their messages far and wide with minimal effort.

    Now it’s the time for a change in marketing strategy

    Change is the first sign of progress and change in marketing strategy keeping pace with market demand is even profitable. Aiming customer satisfaction and two-way communication, the contemporary business strategy called digital marketing come in to picture.

    This is high time to take your advertisement to digital platform to enable more people or customers access it and so start inquiry or web search your brand for further business dealings. Still, if you are sticking to conservative business advertisement strategies like newspaper outlet, TV or FM, then do make a cost-benefit analysis to have a realistic picture of your business. I am confident enough to say that, traditional marketing is time-consuming and demands higher spent as compared to digital marketing.

    I guess, this the right time to move into digital marketing making business instant, time - cost-efficient, and accessed by 24*7. However, there are various digital marketing strategies to implement but before applying blindly, you have to get your business structure, targeted market and hooked visitors’ behaviour to pick the apt strategy that suits your business utmost.

    From the set of different digital market strategies, social media marketing is one of the most popular and highly used marketing methods. Here, you should have a question, why so?

    So, let’s check how many Indian internet users are prone to use social media.

    Social Media in Numbers

    219.94 million Facebook users, 225 million monthly active YouTube users, 59 million Instagram users, 45 million LinkedIn users, (present in graphics)

    Getting the potent of digital media, many business professionals even few CEOs, CTO of some startups and enterprises are learning digital marketing course. These are quick to grasp the reach and power of digital marketing and would not like to be left in the race for the top.

    Incorporation of digital marketing ensures business excel provided an organization has a capable and innovative digital marketing team. A digital market must have required responsibilities that make a brand shine. It has been marked that startups are more in this run as they can’t afford slow market penetration. If there are still a bunch of companies following traditional marketing, it only goes to prove the acute shortage of digital marketing professionals in the market.

    Paucity of Resources

    As per statistics, the digital marketing industry is growing by 40% YOY but simultaneous demand for digital marketing professionals is not speeding up at that rate. This is because of a trendy misconception on digital marketing and marketers. Many people are unaware of digital marketing or internet marketing training courses offered by top marketers. And few others consider it as a low remuneration-yielding avenue.

    Current Market Scenario

    Neither digital marketing is a low paid job nor out of trend. Digital marketing profession is craze going on in the market and to skill the graduate, there are hundreds of digital marketing training institutes. These organizations are offering knowledge-based training with practical session following the industry standard.

    I know some institutes that offer Digital Marketing Course in Hyderabad along with certification. There are few to serve training material to students and let them experiment with live projects. These types of practices and skill sets make the students confident enough and offer the scope to work with top companies even with multinational companies getting very good packages. However, for higher pay, experience plays vital.

    Having a digital marketing certification along with product marketing strategies and experience, one can hold a role from below enlisted designation.

    • Digital Marketing Manager

    • Social Media Marketing Manager

    • SEO Expert

    • SEO Analysts

    • SMO Expert

    • Content Marketer

    • Email Marketer

    • Copywriter

    • Paid Ads Expert

    • Analytics Expert and so on.

    So, plan your career accordingly. It’s the right time of the year to Google for the best digital marketing course and gets the training done with certification. Before stepping into any organization, keep eye on its course curriculum, certification, course duration (maximum of 3 months), fee structure, and placement facilities.

    Let’s get started with learning digital marketing and lead a bright career with passion and dedication.