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6 Unique Occasions When You Can Light A Candle!

Maeva brings you premium occasion-based candles that has never been done before

6 Unique Occasions When You Can Light A Candle!

Friday September 22, 2017,

2 min Read

For Birthdays Without The Calories

This is one of the times when not having a candle makes the birthday incomplete. How about we extend the life of a candle from serving as a wish-granter to a decorative item filling your party with an unbelievable scent of vanilla pound cake. Great for those who wish to do away with the calorie-heavy cake!

Vanilla Pound Cake Scented Zodiac Candles For Birthdays!  

Vanilla Pound Cake Scented Zodiac Candles For Birthdays!  

For Weddings Gifts

If you're attending a wedding, you know giving an appropriate but touching gift is as important as your wardrobe choices. Why not do away with the envelop laden with cash or the ubiquitous photo-frames and choose a beautiful silver-sparkling cloche candle which will light up their new home.

To Enhance The Ambiance Of A Spa

Anyone who ever frequents a spa goes for relaxation, the cozy ambiance and for some me time. Why not light a few candles with a soothing fragrance that will only add to the customer's meditative experience? A light touch with a calming lemongrass can make your customers true believers.

To Masks Smells In The Kitchen

For those who love whipping up something delicious in the kitchen, smells are a part of the job but won't you feel much better being surrounded in a waft of thyme and rosemary or raspberries or cloying lemon instead of raw onions?

Amalfi Coast Scented Jar Candle For Your Home!  

Amalfi Coast Scented Jar Candle For Your Home!  

For Homes That Need TLC

It is not only difficult but impossible sometimes to have your living space spic and span everyday! You may have messy roommates, your maid might have taken days off or you might just be tired of all the cleaning hassle- just light some highly fragranced beauties in a few corners and divert your attention from the mess to the bliss of gardenia, rose and other amazing scents.

For Companies That Need To Reward Employees

For greater goodwill or just as a thank you, gifting employees of a company is a great idea. While bonuses are of course a delight, surprise your employees on their birthday or your companies anniversary or on special occasions like Diwali, Christmas & more with a custom candle in a beautiful votive that they can proudly display on their desks! Not only will these candles mask the smells but also transform a bland table into a cozy corner.

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