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Reasons that will prove that you don’t need an MBA Degree

In this article, i am discussed about the higher education like MBA & BSCS, why higher education is important to your future life.

Reasons that will prove that you don’t need an MBA Degree

Tuesday August 08, 2017,

4 min Read


You are not born just to get the degrees. There is a quote that there is no age limit to get an education. However, getting involved in just the education can lead you towards different problems in life. The Job is another important aspect of life that every person has to give importance. That is why even if you want to continue your education, you have to be precise enough that you do not make any mistake due to this. That is why in this article, I am going to dissect a degree program which many people choose after getting a job which is the MBA degree program.

The biggest reason why a professional person picks MBA because he feels alone in the room of other professionals who don’t have the MBA. If you also feel like this then let me tell you that you are not alone. You will find many people on different positions and companies who don’t have an MBA and even leading a team of MBA degree holders. That is why considering an MBA as the way of getting a higher position in the company is entirely wrong. Moreover, it also doesn’t matter where you are going to get your MBA degree. MBA programs in Dubai or the MBA degree programs in the US, both will teach you some lessons under the same environment, and the only thing which would be different is the tuition fee. That is why to convince you more, I am going to write a few of the major reasons that will prove you that you don’t need the MBA degree to take your professional career ahead.

There will be no improvement in your paycheck:

If you think that you will get bigger paychecks after completing your MBA, then you should think about it again. On the average, the MBA student gets the salary of $140,000 after its degree program. However, a simple graduate from any top tier schools can also earn the same salary. That is why considering that you may be able to get paid heavier than right now then you are wrong.

The value of MBA depends on the School:

Almost every college or university in the world offers MBA. If I say that MBA is the most commonly found degree in the colleges and even among the professionals, then it would not be wrong. However, not every MBA degree is same. The value of the MBA depends on the school. Moreover, you can get a slightly heavier paycheck depends on the school from which you get your MBA. That is why even if you are going to get an MBA degree then you have to do your research first and try to find a school which has a more valuable MBA degree than others.

The MBA will make your life difficult:

It is easier to do part time jobs while studying or completing your degree programs. However, when you are involved in a kind of a job in which you have to put your more than 100%, then getting enrolled in any degree program can make your life difficult. On the one hand, you would have to make sure that your performance in the company is up to the mark and justifying your hiring and also have to make sure to complete all your assignments and projects for the MBA which are not easy. That is why before getting yourself enrolled in the MBA program, you should make sure that you can take enough time out for all your MBA classes and assignments from your professional life.

The value of an MBA is not lifelong:

The worst part of the MBA is that all your efforts and investment will become useless. The reason of this is the subjects of the MBA. The MBA education teaches you the scientific approach to a business education. That is what makes the MBA a consistently changing field and it is guaranteed that there would be a time when all the theories and practices that you would learn in the MBA degree program will go outdated at one time.

It has become common:

The MBA has become so common that every person who gets the job look to get this degree due to all obvious myths related to MBA. That is why you have to think smartly and try to find a degree program which should be related to your profession and also can give you some help in getting a better position in your company.