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10 Best Courses to Do in 2019

10 Best Courses to Do in 2019

Saturday July 06, 2019,

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At one point in our lives where we are clueless on what to do in terms of career perspective. There many people who are aware of their skills and passion and are well-focused to achieve their goal, but there are others who do not even know what passion is, what carrier they should choose, which domain will suit them and so on. Well, you are among the later then don’t worry because you are not the only one sailing in the boat, in fact, majority of people face the same trouble and without a doubt, I would say we all are together in this Big Ship.

Wondering about the future when we are clueless on what to choose as a career is quite depressing. It causes you a lot of anxiety and you wish that how great it could have been if there was someone who can guide you well and show you the right direction. Well, if you seek guidance about what course and career path to choose then you have come to the right place. I understand your situation well and know how much stressing this is. To help you out, I have researched and picked up 10 best courses that are in high demand, interesting and you can opt for great career growth.

So, grab a cup of coffee and open your minds to figure out which out of these 10 will work for you, let’s get started.

1.   Mobile App Development

With billions of smartphone users across the globe this one has to be a good career option. And if you have the entrepreneur worm in your head, this one can feed it as well, you can develop your own applications and sell them. Starting salary for an application engineer is up to $70K and the average is $101K.

2.   SEO/SEM Marketing

With modernization and digitization, traditional marketing has shifted to digital platforms which makes Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing a great career choice. It is good for both creative and technical people who are always willing to explore and analyse new things.

Developing these skills also allows you to be self-employed. You can create and promote your own social handles and earn well.

3.   Machine Learning

Have you heard about Google Home, Alexa, Siri or any robotic technology that behaves as a human nervous system? Well, these are the devices working on artificial intelligence and machine learning. Well, hope this gives you an idea of what it is about. It is one of the most innovative and exciting fields with increasing demand today and in the upcoming future. It has its application in every industry as well. The average salary of a Machine Learning Engineer is more than $140K.

4.   Data Visualization

Data visualization is making data more understandable. Data Specialists convert reports and spreadsheets into more visual form-graphs and charts which gives a better understanding. The average salary of a Data Engineer is $95,000+/year.

5.   Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is in high demand as most of the companies are opting for cloud-based solutions for their data storage. There are a good number of jobs opening for this profile in the industry and will continue to rise. The average salary of a cloud computing professional is $145,000.

6.   Tourism & Travel Management

With millions of people traveling every year, make Travel and Tourism one of the largest service sector. While every country promotes tourism due to its good impact on the economy so it is safe to be taken as a career choice as it will always be growing. You can look for jobs in administration staff, tour planners, sales and marketing, tour operators, travel agents and more.

7.   Fine Arts B.F.A

If you are a creative head and artistic person than this one is the best option for you. It can be any form of art that interests you like painting, sculpting, music, dance, poetry, film, photography, video production, theater and more. If you have interest in any of these then each one of it has their own career opportunities for you to grab. You can refer website like VidyarthiMitra to know more about these courses.

8.   Psychology and Sociology

Psychology and Sociology are the scientific studies to help understand the emotions, relationship, and behaviour of human beings. Psychology is the study of mind and behaviour whereas Sociology is the study of society and social behaviour.

Due to increasing mental sickness issues and stress in the society career opportunities like a marriage counsellor, admission counsellor, child care worker, behavioural therapist, career counsellor, and so on are increasing.

9.   Environmental Engineering

We all are well aware of the degrading global environmental issues and how every now and then our atmosphere is under observation. Choosing Environmental Engineering or Environmental Science is a good career option. You can go for the roles like Environmental Health and Safety Director, Water Project Manager, Green Building Engineer and more.

10. Interior or Fashion Designing

If you have extraordinary creativity that can impress people and convince them to pay money for your work then this is the best option for you my creative friend. Designing clothes or homes is fancy but requires a lot of innovation, creativity with determination at every step. You need to have new ideas every time to offer but once you become a pro, you will be paid off really well.


Choose any of the above skills as per your interest and caliber to make a successful career that you can enjoy along with a handsome salary.

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