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10 Ideas You Can Steal from On Page SEO Factors

Digital marketing on-page seo article

10 Ideas You Can Steal from On Page SEO Factors

Thursday January 10, 2019,

6 min Read

                                       On page Seo

First of all what is the meaning of seo?

Seo means search engine optimization it is a process of optimizing our website to get unpaid ,organic traffic from search engine result page.

Onpage seo:

On-page seo means what we do for our website .It is a practice of optimizing individual pages in order to rank higher and earn more revelant traffic to website via search engines.

There are 13 types of optimization in on-page optimization

  1. Seo title
  2. Content optimization
  3. Image optimization
  4. Video optimization
  5. Structured snippet
  6. Header tag optimization
  7. Url optimization
  8. Internal links and external links
  9. Meta description
  10. Focus keywords
  11. Meta geo tag optimization
  12. Feauterd images
  13. Image alt attributes

Seo title tag:

·  Seo title tag is very important while writing any article about their business or any subject to publish in their website.

·   Tiltle tags are displayed on search engine result page and clickable for a given headline and are important for usability for seo and social sharing.

·   Title tag character length should be 55-70. Not more that if you will write more than that means in search engine result page it will show but visitors will not show interest also to click on that lengthy title means. So keep character limit.

Content optimization:

·  Content optimization is very important and it is a key part for seo without content it is impossible to rank your site in search page results.

·  For suppose if you are writing an article in wordpress and trying to publish or post in your website try to write atleast 300 -500 words about your products or anything else what you are willing to write.

·  While writing an article please maintain 3 to 4 lines of words for each paragraph. So it will attract the visitors and make them to live for long time and attract them about the story what you are writing.

·   Don’t write any boring stories. For example you will see in some movies strategy drama will go on and make the people feel bore who are sitting in the theatres. While writing the concept it should be impressed by the visitor and they should say wow what a story or article written by him/her.

Header tag optimization:

·   Header tag(<h1>) is used in html will usually in title of a post or emphasized text on the page.

·   If you are writing an article on wordpress means this header tages are very useful and it attracts the visitors by showing this header tags.

·  In wordpress there are 6 from h1 to h6 . For suppose you are writing any lengthy article means you can use this like heading for the topic and etc.

·  If your website is based on html means you can write article on your style and keeping which you want and header tag and give it to website developer and tell them the content should come like this only.

Meta description:

·  Meta description is a snippet which describes the overall summary of page content.

·  Search engine shows the meta description mostly when the searched for pharsed is within the description.

· Meta description length should be between 120-158. If it crosses the length limit means it is waste how much you will write also. Because it will not display while you will search on search engine page. It will be showing like this (…) .

Image alt attribute:

·  Alt attribute is an html html attribute applied for an images tags to provide a text alternatives for search engines.

·  Visitors cant read images so if anybody want to read that we will keep text what is the image so the visitors can read easily.

·  While writing an article we should keep 4-5 images in the middle of the article. Images speak more about that article instead of content.

·  By giving perfect alt attributes the visitors can read it easily and can easily recognize what the writer is telling about.

Video tag optimization:

·   Video optimization means nothing but keeping atleast one video related to the article.

·   First we should create video related to the business product or services.

·   The length of the video should be 55 seconds to 1 minute like a ad only .

·   By creating more time ad means visaitors will not like to see that video and they will not show interest to see also.

Url Optimization:

·   Url optimization means short descriptive urls . It is very important the url for your webpage contains your keyword pharse.

·   Url should be static and dynamic so there are chances to get fast and stable ranking for your website.

Focus Keywords:

·   Focus keyword means where we insert our keyword or pharse . Once the keyword or pharse is added mean the page or post includes the seo title, h1title and etc.

·   Focus keyword means the keyword for which we are writing the article. It is better to keep same keyword which we will keep for seo title.

·  Focus keyword length should be 70 characters I also don’t know the exact length.

Structured snippet:

·  Structured snippets allow advertisers to describe features of a specific product or describe the range of products or services their business offers.

·   Which we will keep in good ad policies it is only for ad policies.

Meta geo tag optimization:

·  Meta geo tag is an html attribute which is used for worldwide . Like photography, rss and etc . It contains latitude and longitutes.

Internal links and External links:

Internal link: giving our website link to our web page to open to new tab it is called as internal link.

External link: external link means which we will give our webpage url to another webpage to bring customers to our website.

Featured image:

· Last optimization in on page it is very important in this technique.

· Keeping perfect image related to article and publishing on the website .

· Without keeping image and publishing means people don’t know what you have posted on your website and they will not show interest also. What you have written.

· So keeping Featured image is very job for content writers.

By Vivek rayapudi (Digital marketing executive)