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10 Ways AI is Impacting Web App Development

10 Ways AI is Impacting Web App Development

Monday July 08, 2019,

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If you are a business owner or running a startup and need to include AI in your web app development project, then this is the article for you. This article solves all your queries with AI and how it can help in your software project. After reading this article, you will get to know:

  • How Artificial Intelligence is being used in web application development?
  • How Artificial Intelligence is transforming the web development process?
  • What is the future of artificial intelligence in the website development?

Do You Know:

AI has all the potential to transform the web app development by automating many of the tasks of developers and providing automated experience to the customers.”

The AI technology is gaining popularity across all spectrum of various tech industries involving the world of web development where the concept seems to be sharing the digital interactions. By using AI, the organizations can have improved user experience with chatbots, sophisticated web designs, marketing strategy, search engine optimization, etc.

As per statistics, it is observed that about 72% of the businesses feel that using AI is a business advantage for their organization.

AI Impact on your business

What AI-powered solutions do you imagine having the largest impact on you business?

Hence, to clearly understand the role of AI in web development, we are going to list down a few ways by which AI is impacting web development.

Web app development is usually seen as a way to unlock the potential of online presence for any organization. A business that does not have an appealing or intriguing website is sure to fight the existential crisis. An engaging and attractive facelift is quite important for brand building and revenue streams for any organization.

When the internet speeds were slow, many websites had only simple text-based web pages. They did not have much graphics, formatting or any other visual components as this would impact the website speed.

But, now the users expect that the websites must be amazing and beautiful that contain various components like videos, images, content, and typography. These are the factors that enhance the user experience & keep the visitors engaged to your website page. Here comes the role of Artificial Intelligence.

Furthermore, nowadays about 70% of the websites are accessed from mobile devices, hence, it has become quite crucial for the website owners to host effective and modern websites. The development approaches that were used before are now becoming outdated. In order to give better and smart UX, websites are now-a-days leveraging the art of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Now have a look at the top 10 ways by which AI is impacting the web app development. Read on to know about them in detail:

  1. Voice-based interaction
Voice Based Interaction

Voice Based Interaction

The constantly changing human-computer interaction and content delivery system are giving rise to the voice-based interaction tools. As per research, about 50% of the searches will use voice by 2020. The rising trend of the chatbots and virtual assistants is helping organizations to enhance customer engagement and give them an amazing experience with the use of Artificial Intelligence.

With the help of Artificial Intelligence, the customers can easily resolve their queries and understand the related operations by directly speaking out the inquiry in an unambiguous manner.

2. SEO aspects of web development are improved

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of a website depends mainly on the web development aspects. There are many good web analytics tools that are available, however, these tools become limited due to the processing skills of the programmers who read & understand the data analytics of their websites.

Making use of mine data and AI, the websites can maximize the utility of the data and use it to improve the SEO.

Also, the AI-handled predictive engines can notify the programmers about the irregularities in the architecture of the website, tell about the issues in the web content that are impacting SEO of the website. These notifications and ideas may help in the improvement of the website content & other aspects that may connect well with the targeted audience. Many renowned websites are making use of such tools to respond & plan web content according to algorithms of the search engines.

3. Automating the website testing process

The AI algorithms are helping in testing the applications and websites with just a little input of the users. The algorithms can analyze past data & predict the crucial aspects of web testing. Moreover, they even help in effectively finding fault predictions and patterns.

This simply means that Artificial Intelligence is able to identify & fix bugs and errors faster and automatically than the traditional processes.

4. AI helps in augmentation of content & traffic channels

Traffic Channel

If you are a single developer working on the website, there are 2 things that you require to handle when it comes to the content: promotion and development. Both these fonts can be improved with the help of AI, especially if you choose to go beyond the traditional blog posts & spice up the content mix.

For instance, you choose to build an online course or create a YouTube channel. Now in order to make the most out of those content promotion channels, there are chances that you rely on the ads to push the value propositions to more individuals.

That is when AI comes in & enhances your ad targeting efforts that are already implemented by a number of the display networks like Google AdSense with the ‘’AutoAds specification.

5. Easy to use chatbot packages

AI Chatbot

AI Chatbot

Many organizations & web development firms are providing customer engagements superimposed on the chatbot services and AI agents. Now, every organization can avail the chatbot development services/ use a pre-built that has AI capabilities enhancing the customer’s initial point of inquiry.

6. Randering Enhanced video content

Video contents are an important factor in getting your websites popular and viral among the audience. Intriguing, provocative and interesting video going viral might bring huge traffic in just one night. Here, Artificial intelligence plays an important role in making your video viral. How? Based on human interactions & on the basis of the user signals with similar kinds of videos, AI-based software can suggest changes to video contents that can make them quite popular. Also, video recognition content analysis opens up new opportunities to better UX and smart user searches.

7. Providing a personalized store experience

Personalized Store Experience

The customers who make online purchases from the convenience of their homes will be able to enjoy all the luxury of a new web experience. The presence of AI based solutions will make the online store experience of internet users all the more personalized. The present objective is not just to make the navigation through the e-commerce website, but also to offer an amazing shopping environment for the customer. You may learn about the AI-based solutions by contacting a renowned and reputed AI web development company.

8. Killing Black Hat strategies with AI

Google uses Artificial intelligence techniques to filter out spam and fake website from the online world. Google’s Rankbrain is the example of this. These AI algorithm strategies used by Google are against the black hat SEO strategies. Google filters all the fake results to bring out the refined organic results. AI indeed enhances the SEO of the website for a better result. You can hire the best website developer who can help you in generating organic results for your website.

9. Improved cognitive abilities

Cognitive computing represents the system of self-learning that utilizes the models of machine learning or artificial intelligence in order to mimic the way the brain works. It has a crucial role in web app development.

How well the designer makes the website layout solely depends on his previous experience & the cognitive understanding of the things. There is one question that every individual puts in front of AI is cognitive ability. AI has access to similar resources that help it integrate partial components of a particular website. This indeed becomes quite possible with the go signal for ML (Machine Learning).

10. Brainstorming design layout ideas

Brainstorming Desing Layout

Brainstorming Design

If you need to have great online success, an amazing design layout for the website is mandatory. The tough task, however, is that creating the various designs and then settling for one needs a lot of time as well as the resources.

It is a difficult process when it is done by the human developers, and at times pushes them to settle for such a design that clearly required a little tweaking but money and time could not allow.

By making use of AI, designers can explore various templates and design options within a short period of time. Machines are able to suggest and create many viable options at one go, leaving the human developers with only an easy decision to make.

Summing Up

With this, we can conclude that Artificial Intelligence has found its way in almost everything that we can imagine. Today, every web developer must have knowledge of the AI tools to survive in the industry.

In order to stay ahead in the competition, web developers will need to join hands with AI technology and learn all the techniques and algorithms involved in the web development process. In the near future, we are going to see new AI applications that will carve better customer-centric market across various industries.

There are already many popular web development companies that are making the best use of this technology to create various web applications. If you are looking to hire a top AI-based web development firm, then you must look for these things:

  • No. of AI-powered web applications they have developed
  • Client testimonials
  • Their experience in the industry
  • Experience of the web developers
  • Ratings on top platforms like Glassdoor, Clutch and software firm,

With this, you will get a fair idea about the company and its reputation in the market.

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