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100% Working ICO Marketing Techniques That Nobody Told You About

With the continuous evolution of blockchain technology, there are more and more projects being launched on this secure, decentralized platform.

100% Working ICO Marketing Techniques That Nobody Told You About

Tuesday January 08, 2019,

7 min Read

With the continuous evolution of blockchain technology, there are more and more projects being launched on this secure, decentralized platform. ICO (initial coin offering) is now being used as a standard fundraising method by most of the blockchain projects out there. But with so many projects running their ICOs at the same time, it can be frustrating for the user to choose the right ICO. So, how do you convince potential investors to choose your ICO over others?

ICO marketing is the way to go. With the increasing competitive in the ICO space, it has now become imperative for businesses to look for solid and proven marketing strategies to promote their tokens to the targeted audience.

No matter how good your ICO or project is, it will not reach or be appreciated by the potential investors if you lack the right marketing strategies or simply use poor-quality content. So, what’s the best way to promote my ICO? Glad you asked.

9 Proven ICO Marketing Techniques

Here are a number of marketing strategies that can help you promote your ICO the right way to ensure that it reaches the right audience and leaves an impression.

The Whitepaper

You may be surprised to know that more than 50% of potential investors make a decision about investing in an ICO by reading the project whitepaper. You can use SEO, PR and media to bring traffic to your ICO website, but a solid and quality whitepaper is how you can convert those traffic into investors. Here are some tips to increase the value of your ICO whitepaper.

The whitepaper must clearly explain the concept of the project. It is very crucial that the readers can grasp the project idea by simply reading the document and have no confusion about it.

Details everything about the project, its status, development process, the currency as well as the financial, technological and commercial aspects of the token.

Write the whitepaper in a user-friendly language, in a way such that even a cryptocurrency beginner can understand it.

Get it written by an expert technical writer who knows about the blockchain technology.

Clearly explain how the project will benefit the user and how the token intends to grow in value over time.

Website & Blog Optimization

Besides the whitepaper, the ICO website is the second most important marketing tool for your project. Make your website design attractive, smooth and very user-friendly. Also, include brief details of your project on the website as well. Make sure that your ICO website has been optimized from the search engine point of view. That includes content optimization, navigation, design, images & graphics, layout, meta tags, keywords, etc.

Besides the website, you should also consider creating a dedicated blog to keep your potential investors and users updated with the progress of your blockchain project. You can occasionally post offers such as bonus and bounty updates to attract traffic to your main site. In addition to a website blog, you can create official blogs on Medium and other popular content platforms.


Since ICOs are backed by blockchain technology, which is assumed to be one of the most secure technologies in the world, it is obvious for visitors to expect your website to be secure. The first step is to use ‘HTTPS’ in the URL which will tell your visitors that the website is completely secure. Other than that, you can consider adding advanced security measures such as encryption and multi-factor authentication for the user accounts on your site.


SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is mostly an off-page promotion thing which is done with the purpose to bring valuable traffic to your ICO website through popular search engines like Google. Accept it, you cannot get ICO investors if your website doesn't have any visitors to start with. This is where SEO comes in. If you are not familiar with SEO concepts and do not want to invest in hiring a professional SEO agency, here are a few things you can try yourself:

Research your target keywords using a tool like Google’s Keyword Planner. Make a list of these keywords and place them at all the right places in the content of your website and blog.

Build organic links to your website and blog

Try Pay Per Click (PPC) for paid marketing

PR & Media

Public Relations and Media can play a significant role in the marketing of your ICO. Start by posting informative and relevant Press Releases to inform potential clients about the launch of your ICO. Post your content on popular PR sites, both free and paid, to extend their reach to a bigger audience. You can create the PR content yourself or get it written by an expert marketer.

Top PR sites usually charge a lot of money to publish the content, but it is worth it.

Social Media

Social media has proven to be a wonderful tool for marketing in general. Popular social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are actively used by businesses for marketing their products/services, so why not use them for marketing your ICO? In fact, it is a really good and cost-effective idea to make your ICO reach thousands of potential investors.

Twitter is one of the best places for building and growing your community of investors. Through this platform, you can interact with potential investors, share useful updates and info about your ICO, announce product launches, and more.

Other than Twitter and Facebook, other community sites (and forums) like Reddit, Telegram, BitcoinTalk, Quora, etc are also used by ICO companies to promote their tokens. Join these platforms, build your communities and engage.

Email Marketing

Direct marketing is not always ideal for all kinds of projects, but it is for ICOs. The reason is simple: people want to know about your ICO, in any way they can. So, give your potential clients all the information they need in order to make the right investment decision. Send occasional newsletters, blog posts (like how to invest in the token, why invest, benefits, etc.), tips and other useful stuff.

If you’re wondering how to find people who would be interested to know about your ICO, the best way to do that is create an Email Subscription on your website and ask interested people to join it.

ICO Listing

There are a number of popular ICO listing websites where you can list your ICO, either for free or for a fee, to make it reach to many more relevant users. The interesting thing about these platforms is that they already have thousands of users who might be interested to invest in your project. You just have to reach them by a well-optimized and honest listing. Some of the most popular ICO listing sites where you can list your ICO are - 








Many businesses, even professional marketers, often make the mistake of underestimating the power of YouTube. This website alone can make your business more popular than all other social sites combined. The reason is the huge userbase of YouTube who prefer to watch interactive videos. So, by creating informative and highly interactive videos about your project and posting them via your official company channel on YouTube, you can attract a lot of traffic of interested users and investors.

So, these are the best ICO marketing strategies that you can follow for the promotion of your new token and project in the online space. I would also recommend that you prepare the ICO marketing content by yourself, given that you have sufficient time, because no one knows more about your project than you do. You can explain the project to your potential investors in the best manner and solve any issues instantly.

For example, Airtoto, which is a blockchain based lottery system, has a super-interactive website along with a dedicated news section for the regular visitors of the platform.

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