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Five reasons why Mystery shopping is enough to measure customer experience

According to Forbes 2015, it has been found that by the year 2020...

Five reasons why Mystery shopping is enough to measure customer experience

Friday November 04, 2016,

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According to Forbes 2015, it has been found that by the year 2020, which is not so far, it’s customer experience that will stand out as a major brand differentiators from the conventional ones like products and price. It is therefore pretty much important for every brand or company to focus on the level of customer experience they’re providing .Moreover, they need a means through which they can ink an exact picture of the experiences of their customers.

Better customer experience? You should actually start thinking about it!

Furthermore, another reliable survey noted that near about 86 percent of the buyers are likely to shell out more for receiving better customer experience. However, just 1 percent of the customers think that the service providers or vendors will be able to live up to their expectations. In this context, mystery shopping services offered by HS Brands are impressively effective when it comes to fathoming the performance and consistency level of a company, as far as, delivering products and services to their customers are concerned.

But, why mystery shopping services?

Let’s take a look at 5 of the main reasons why ‘Mystery Shopping’ is an effective means of measuring customer experience –

Understanding customer experience

Seamless delivery of products and services are some of the most important things for a business. However, you cannot make it a key differentiating factor. What actually can evaluate the level of customer experience are interactions with your customers, the personal touches you render and all the little moments. With HS Brands’ mystery shopping services, you will be able to look into these tiny interactions as well as moments and find the intensity of their impact and operationalize them to grow your business.

Overall scrutiny

Secret shoppers scrutinize shopping experience altogether. It includes – Ambience, Salesmanship, Intuitiveness, visual merchandising, integrity checks, price checks, etc. It is really crucial that you have a real-time idea of how your retail store or the point of sale (POS) looks like when you are not there.

Analyzing competitors

Conducting mystery audits at your own shops is not enough; you need to exercise it at your competitors’ den as well. It provides you with a better insight into where do you stand in the competition. Whether you are already an established brand or a new entrant, HS Brands, being the leading mystery shopping and brand protection service provider in India and Asia helps you with your individual needs.

Brand image

Brands should always be associated with quality and values. In fact, every brand wants this. In order to achieve the same, your buyers need to recognize all such feel-good factors via your products, services, establishments and of course, your team. Mystery shopping will help you know, if or not your buyers are getting the same brand image you want them to see.

Informed Decisions

With effective mystery shopping services by a noted company like HS Brands, you can acquire real-time knowledge, improve and grow your business efficiently. That’s because, you have direct access to all the relevant information about your brand. This in turn will help you take informed decisions to steer your business on the right path with an optimum speed.

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Mystery shopping in Retail outlet#

Mystery shopping in Retail outlet#

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