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Difference Between UX Designer, UX Analyst and UX Architect

User Experience (UX) is one of the important processes in every designing project. Even though the 3 positions like UX designer, UX analyst, and UX architect are looking similar, they have variations in their roles. Read the differences here.

Difference Between UX Designer, UX Analyst and UX Architect

Thursday January 23, 2020,

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UX designer vs UX analyst vs UX architect


User Experience (UX) is the process of designing products that produce great experience to the users. If the user feels meaningful to use that product, then the product is having a better UX design. 

Before discussing various details of UX, we want to know the difference between UI and UX (a lot of people confused with these two designs). 

UI and UX: 

User Interface (UI) is the process of designing the application with a good interface. The UI page is the client-side (front part of the product) that should have attractive, user-friendly, and customised designs. 


The difference is UX is the emotions experienced by the users when using the product. Whereas UI is the interaction between the users and that product. A customer-friendly product is said to have better interactions and better feelings when accessing it. 

UX vs UI

Thus, both UI and UX designs are important for building your web or mobile applications.  

Now, we will move on to UX: 

Benefits of using UX designs in your applications: 

When you are in the field of designing, you have to know how UX benefits your product or application. So, here we go: 

  • It allows users to understand the use and goals of applications. 
  • UX allows you to design the app which is informative to the users. 
  • A good UX design plan leads to a good UI design process. 
  • UX also makes the testing process easier with its wonderful performance. 
  • UX is helpful to produce simple, useful and attractive products or applications to your customers. 

Difference between UX Designer, Analyst, and Architect: 

In the design industry, you may come across with the three different terms like UX designer, UX analyst, and UX architect. Do you know that these three roles are related to one another? Let’s start. 

1.Role of UX Analyst: 

As the name implies, the person who is a UX analyst has to analyse the user’s needs. UX analyst has to make a little research about the expectations and engagement rate of the customers for your particular website, web or mobile applications. 

UX Analyst

UX Analyst

Since the user’s feelings are a welcoming feature here, the UX analyst has to understand the behaviour of the customer with their product. The UX analyst has to know what type of features, customers are interested in and what they don’t like. By analysing this, the UX analyst almost has a good plan to make the upcoming app or product with a good experience. 

As to say, nowadays, many large-scale industries are having a separate team of UX analyst to understand the behaviour and experience of their customers. 

Once the requirements of the customers are found correctly by the UX analyst, the UI design process will begin. 

2.Role of UX Architect: 

As per the name, UX architect is taking responsibility for the design architecture of the product or the applications. UX architects are not directly involved with the architecture but take care of the overall structure looks and quality of the product. 

UX Architect

UX Architect

Maybe you can find this work as simple, but it is not as much easy as you think. Design is the main thing that will attract customers to use the product. Hence the architect is very much careful in terms of presentation of the application or a product. UX Architect wants to have a clear skill in designing and presentation to grab the attention of the users. Also, the UX architect will solve the issues of poor UI/UX designs. 

3.Role of UX Designer 

Finally, UX designer! This is the most familiar word you heard many times.  

As a creative and talented person, the UX designer can build the best UX design apps that will meet the project goals. The UX designers will bring our virtual products into visionary products with their experienced programs and thoughts. 

UX designer

UX designer

To make the best UI design app, UX designer helps UI designer by taking care of the continuous flow and organised architecture of the product. 

UX designer is qualified to play the UX analyst and UX architect roles but the UX analyst and UX architect can play only their role. Because all the programming codes, overall design architecture, performance of the product will come under the UX designer. 

Thus, many small industries have a single UX designer’s team who will be the UX analyst and architect for their product development. To build a good design application for your business, you hire UI/UX designers based on your requirements. 



I hope this article will help you to understand the three roles of UX designers, analysts, and architects. You have to remember, UX designers can able to do all the UX designs with better product performance.

But, a UX team of designers, analysts, architects together can help you to enhance the performance of your product or application.