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Best Messaging Apps For Android in 2017

The best use of a smartphone is messaging which is put more into use as opposed to calling someone up and speaking to them. 

Best Messaging Apps For Android in 2017

Friday March 10, 2017,

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Smartphones have evolved a lot in the past decade or so. Not just the evolution, but the use of smartphones has also increased. With the technology advancing every day the types of role played by a smartphone is also increasing. The best use of a smartphone is messaging which is put more into use as opposed to calling someone up and speaking to them.


Chatting via messaging apps is the safest way of communication between two people as when people chat on their android phones the two people chatting do not need to speak aloud which can be heard by people around them. Instead they type whatever they want to say to each other maintaining the privacy of the conversation.

With the onset of the New Year 2017, here is a list of the best messaging apps to look out for:

1. Whatsapp:

Since the introduction of the Whatsapp app in the app market, it has fast reached on the top in the list of messaging apps. The whatsapp developers have made the use of this messaging app all the more safe by enabling the app with end to end encryption. Due to this feature in the app the conversations and chats can be accessed and read by the people who are messaging and receiving the message only. Not only does this feature protect your chats the developers have provided security codes which can help the user of the messaging app to make sure no one is intercepting their chats. This app works the best on android devices but also is available in IOS phones without jail-breaking them. What you only need to have is a legitimate mobile number and you are good to go to post the best Whatsapp status.

2. Signal:

This app is an android phone app but also has compatibility with IOS devices. The creators of this app are Open Whisper Systems and it comes with the blessings and approval of none other than Edward Snowden. This is the best app for people for whom privacy is the first priority. The app developers provide the source code online which is accessed by the security experts to check for exposure and weakness and correcting them. If truth be said event he developers of the whatsapp app are known to use the source code of the Signal app for the purpose of messaging. This app also offers end to end encryption. But there are some problems which are stated below:

• The Signal app is unable to record the contact details of the chat messages neither can it store the date and time of the messages.

• If you are planning to back up the data in your phone the app will not be able to backup the messages in the app

3. Frozen chat:

This messaging app has exclusive compatibility with android phones. Known for its cool app name and hip designing of the app this app is also enabled with end to end encryption but with Off the Record messaging feature. This means that the user of this app can verify the person he is chatting to as well as the chats are protected but he has the additional option of deniability. What this means is that you can always deny that a particular message was sent by you and the other person has not proof to oppose your deniability. The XMPP protocol is used by thousands of servers and Frozen chat is a supporter of this server. These servers are operated by volunteers and hence cannot be taken down.

4. Wickr Me:

Wickr me is an awesome app available for both android and IOS devices. It has the end to end encryption feature which helps to keep your messages safe from virtual burglars. It also has the feature to strip out the metadata from the chat conversations like the time stamp. Another important feature of this app is that it gives the user the option to program the app to destroy the messages after a designated period of time or they can also use the wipe feature in the app to erase the messages from the app securely.

The above and some more are part of the best messaging apps in 2017. Make sure to check the features of all the apps to know which suits your needs best.