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How to get rid of croup quickly

Try to get rid of croup by reading these tips...

How to get rid of croup quickly

Saturday March 18, 2017,

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Croup is a popular respiratory ailment which usually happens in infants and children. It can lead to alternation in breathing as well as a hoarse voice or a croup cough. When you experience croup, you are suffering from an infection of the vocal cords which is larynx, bronchial tubes (bronchi) and windpipe (trachea).


There are two types of croup: infectious and spasmodic. The first one is a respiratory infection induced by virus, germ or harmful bacterium. The latter one is complementary to infectious croup however, it is normally caused by an infection not caused by infection.

Those children who suffer from croup for more than 3 days should be considered contagious since the viral infection can cause cough and sore throat, it can be easily transmitted via breathing and sneezing.


At initial stage, children who suffer from croup may experience the same symptoms with common cold such as cough, sneeze, runny nose, nasal congestion as well as fatigue. They may experience mild sore throat and mild fever as well. However, once the virus has spread, inflammation, irritation as well as narrower lining of the voice box may be experienced too. And when the night comes, the condition might get worse.

It might be difficult to distinguish infectious croup from spasmodic croup however, the latter often comes on suddenly. Spasmodic are often triggered by allergies or infection however, it is not induced by an infection. It might come back again as well.

In both cases, the child may suffer from difficulty to breath than usual. This is triggered by his/her inflamed larynx tissue, which subsequently constricts the windpipe. In some worse cases, mucus may clog the bronchial airways.

In order to help your child get over croup cough, you may try some home remedies which is proven effective and simple to follow.


Breathing in moist air can effectively help you or your child unclog the upper respiratory as well as cure your breathing problems. If you need the immediate treatment, you can inhale the hot water from your sink in your bathroom so that your nose can be unblocked and you might breathe more easily.

Instead, you can use cool mist humidifier as well. This will transmit a stream of warm vapor into the air at night during your sleep, thereby lower the coughing and cure your difficult breathing.


Water is one of the five basic element to create nature and it is so important for human that they cannot survive over 3 days without a drop of water consumed. Therefore, consuming considerable amount of fluids is always a highly suggested cure for croup by both holistic as well as conventional health practitioners. Similarly to common cold, it is extremely significant to keep the patients well – hydrated. For infants, breastmilk is the no 1 choice whereas, soups, coconut water, broths as well as healthy homemade fruit juice will do for older children.

By drinking lots of water, your body will be stronger and be able to ward off infection. Warm and nutritious fluids such as herbal tea or soup are the best at relaxing the vocal chords and easing the sticky mucus.


It is significant to stay calm when your child is suffering croup to help them overcome this condition. The barking croup cough will definitely sound intense to an adult so you may be extremely nervous and worried when your child is experiencing this. Therefore, it is important to stay calm and gradually help your child to breathe rather being overly stressed and driving the situation messier and worse. By keeping your child happy and offering his/her fun to promote a quicker healing process.


It may sound weird to some people, however, in case you need instant relief from croup issue, you may stand in front of the fridge and let the cold air from it reek to your face.

Alternatively, you can go outside during the cold night to inhale the cold air from nature. Dr. William Sears, a pediatrician said that going outside for half an hour with properly dressed will help effectively in treating croup. However, this might not seem available during summer or warm months. And ensure that the patient is properly dressed. It is indicated that the misty night air is the reason for babies suffering from croup might get better.


It is undeniable the benefits of rest. Rest is significant in treating croup. However, it is not recommended that those suffer from croup can rest in flat position. By propping your body up in the bed with pillows, it will ease the breathing process and reduce the cough as well.

And you can lift up the head of the pillow to aid the natural mucus drainage and ease breathing. As for infants, you place books under the crib mattress to make an incline so that they can breathe easily.