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How to use Twitter to increase your brand exposure

How to gain most traffic to your brand

How to use Twitter to increase your brand exposure

Sunday August 13, 2017,

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With over a good million twitter users contributing to over a million tweets being sent out daily, it is easy for a business or brand’s voice to drown in the pool of tweets. Setting up an online presence for the first time is not easy and maintaining one is just as trying. A brand’s online presence means very little if they are not getting the exposure their business needs.

There are practical steps brands can take when looking to get exposure on twitter. This is not a to-do list but merely “strongly suggested” tips that have proven to work, provided the user is consistent.

Twitter Ads and Campaigns

You know those ‘Twitter For Business’ emails that fill up your Inbox? Yes, those ones! Give them a chance! Twitter Ads consists of various campaigns that help achieve almost everything listed below. The outcome promises to increase website traffic, growing a following and maximizing brand awareness.

Auto DMs

Auto DM’s are automatic messages sent to an individual after a follow. This message should immediately tell the follower who you are and give them a reason to stay.

Follow Users

The only way to get noticed is if you put yourself out there and “meet new people”. Following accounts that have the same interest as you and those who are invested in the brand, is crucial. There’s a chance they could follow back. This way, your brand is exposed to a market that is ready to hear what you have to say. Special programs are aired on msnbc Rachel Meadow show on the importance of following users.

Likes, Retweets, and Mentions

Being active on twitter means liking, retweeting tweets that are relevant to your brand and mentioning (so you get a mention back). This is visible to your followers and it helps show your brands interest, which could turn to common interest with a broader audience on twitter. These are suggested followers done automatically by twitter.

Engage in Trending Conversations

Exposure comes from getting involved and giving your opinions. In this way – however risky – what you say keeps you in the forefront as an opinion leader about a particular topic. It keeps brands from fading into the background. Starting your own conversations – asking for opinions or suggestions from followers helps keep you in the limelight.

Hash Tags

Adding hashtags to your tweets will help create an easy search for whatever it is your brand is talking about and working on at the time. Use frequently used hashtags that compliments your brand.

Notification Button

Remind followers in a creative way to switch on tweet notification next to your profile so they won’t miss out on any posts

Add Your Twitter Handle To Other Social Media/Network Profiles

Other than Twitter, you can use your other social network/media platforms to create awareness of your online presence on twitter. For instance adding your twitter handle to your bio on Instagram or to your Facebook profile.

These tips along with great eye catching content will bring about the exposure brands need. You have 140 characters, why don’t you make it count?