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How beneficial is server colocation hosting?

How beneficial is server colocation hosting?

Thursday April 19, 2018,

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Server colocation hosting proves to be very useful for businesses of all sizes. It allows you to place your servers in the rack space of a third party in exchange for nominal fees. Besides being able to place your own servers in another data center facility, you can also use the provider’s power supplies and cooling systems, security measures, technical support facilities, bandwidth and network connections. So, in server colocation hosting, servers continue to be the property of client enterprises. These are only managed and maintained by the hosting provider.

The main objective of choosing server colocation hosting is to get enhance technical supports on key infrastructure without having to burn a hole in the pocket. So, it very similar to dedicated hosting, the only difference being that here the servers belong to the clients and not the hosts. With more and more businesses now signing up for colocation, it is clear that companies are realizing the advantages of choosing this hosting solution over maintaining on-site data centers.

What are the key benefits of choosing server colocation hosting plans?

Perhaps the biggest advantage of colocation hosting is the reduction in operational expenses. When you do not have to look after the servers, your in-house IT teams can focus on developing other significant areas of the business. So, data centers basically offer companies the freedom to maximize their business potentials. This solution greatly benefits IT, directors and financial executives, because it offers state-of-the-art infrastructure to them along with cost savings.

Server colocation hosting is also useful for offering redundant power supplies. Although many on-site data centers may have excellent access to power with proper battery backups and air-conditioning facilities, it is not enough to protect the infrastructure fully. Businesses must check whether their power supplies have diverse power feeds, dual generator systems, diverse cooling systems with UPS support etc. These will be guaranteed by any reputed colocation hosting provider.

Colocation will also ensure that businesses are connected securely across the globe. Many businesses which maintain private data centers fail to have access to resilient Internet connections. They also lack dedicated staff which can monitor the web traffic flow to make sure that the site is always up and running. With server colocation hosting, however, businesses can be sure of resilient web connectivity and faster networking at reasonable prices. This is possible because these data centers are typically connected to many transit providers and own large bandwidth cables which can guarantee superior connections at lower rates.

When you choose server colocation hosting, you will also find that the data center actually has the means to invest in environmentally friendly green technologies. This will help companies reduce their carbon footprint and promote energy efficiency.

When you choose colocation, you can get a data center in a place which may have better access to power supplies and which may also be far away from a potentially terrorist-targeted zone. So, the out-of-town providers will let a business enjoy the advantages of the infrastructure without having to bear premium costs. Besides, colocation providers will also offer additional risk management features and the chance to enjoy superior equipment.

To sum up, server colocation hosting helps businesses cater to their needs at far lower costs than if they had to maintain a private data center. These colocation providers are capable of getting such data centers up and running in a matter of hours and they offer enough flexibility and scalability to clients to grow seamlessly. It is possible to upgrade the resources like bandwidth, power, space and connectivity as and when needed.

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