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Know why learning Python and JavaScript is important.

Python and JavaScript are impacting people's life in a huge way. Know why they are important and how could us be a part of this impact.

Know why learning Python and JavaScript is important.

Tuesday November 14, 2017,

3 min Read

"There's a way to do it better - find it." - Thomas Edison

Python and JavaScript are very beautiful and highly impactful languages. Developers around the world have identified the huge potential that these programming languages are providing. We should also include them to our skills list and leverage them to provide a much greater values. Here we will see through the perspective of flexibility, simplicity, community base and salary for both Python and JavaScript languages and find how they could influence you.


Python is a very high level programming language and it is so easy to learn that many people start their coding career by learning Python first. It's an interpreted language which means that we do not need a compiler to compile it's code, it is interpreted by Python interpreter line by line. You can code using object-oriented, functional, imperative or procedural programming paradigms all the same time leveraging Python's flexibility.

Python provides very wide range programming from Web development to 3D game development and you have specialized Python libraries for them. Some of them are listed below:


Above libraries provide much greater flexibility to the programming language. So you can start developing your project instantly. Python has a large community base all over the world.

Some Python communities:




4. StackOverflow Python

Rising opportunities in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Analysis are feeding to the popularity of Python. 

And if talk about the salary, according to salary of Python developers in the US is in the range - $221,000 per year to $44,000 per year with average salary as $155,909 per year. Those are really good numbers I must say.

Popular sites made of Python:

Google, Youtube, DropBox, Quora, Instagram, Spotify, Reddit, Yahoo Maps, Hipmunk, CIA and many more.


JavaScript is a Client-side programming language (By Client Side I mean which runs on the web browser), which is used to create enhanced interactive user experience by manipulating the HTML document shown on the browser. (It has no relation with Java.)

It has evolved very much and there are so many JavaScript libraries available which provide a large variety of functionality and each of them has a specialty of their own. Some of the prominent JavaScript libraries and frameworks along with their specialization are:

jQuery, React, Dojo Toolkit and much more - For DOM manipulation.

D3.js, AnyChart, HighChart and much more - For canvas/SVG manipulation (For visualization).

jQueryUI and much more - For User Experience.

AngularJs, Knockout, React, Backbone.js and much more - For Web application.

Node.js - For Server-side Application.

Some JavaScript communities:

1. JavaScript Google+

2. Reddit JavaScript

3. Stackoverflow JavaScript

4. Sitepoint JavaScript

And like Python, JavaScript also offers high paying jobs with a salary in the range - $211,000 per year to $41,000 per year with average salary as $110,166 according to 

Last but not the least there's one more analysis done by StackOverflow which shows what keywords are being searched since 2008 at StackOverflow. In this graph, we found that the searching trend of Python and JavaScript are constantly growing whereas other technologies are dropping over the time in high-income countries like United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada etc.I hope that with this post I have given you enough motivation and value that you will definitely add Python and JavaScript to your coding skills list.

Please let me know how this post helps you. If you have some feedbacks, queries or complaint please feel free to leave a comment below.