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dilspeaks.com is a platform where people share their grief, failure, pain, lie, success and many more expression which they can not share with others as inperson. 

Saturday November 05, 2016,

2 min Read

When for the first time I heard about dilspeaks.com through a friend, I was very happy to see such a platform. I'm the only son in m family and no siblings and cousins plus I'm an introvert, so it was very hard for me to share anything with anyone. There are many stories, incidents, accidents and life changing moments that you want to share but you do not have nerves and worried about people what they will think about you and your story, for them, dilspeaks.com is something that shares everyone woes.

I was in an NGO where I met a girl and she was molested by his uncle and she can not tell that to anyone and she went into depression.I told her about dilspeaks and she started writing her story and that story got the great response and later on she told me about her story and I saw her smiling for the first time since we met.

Many times I want to speak on various issues like Kashmir freedom, Gay marriages or any other sensitive issues, but I do not dare to speak as people may criticise me or I have fear but the best part of the platform is that you are free to express yourself on anything and when you write it really take burden out of your chest and I feel very light .

Dilspeaks is really a good platform for personal experience stories and I insist if you have something in your Dil then let us speak.

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