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Apple WWDC 2018: Brings updates on iOS 12 and more to explore

Apple WWDC 2018 keynote was showcased in San Jose, California, and we have included all the key news with the headline announcement update of iOS 12.

Apple WWDC 2018: Brings updates on iOS 12 and more to explore

Tuesday June 12, 2018,

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<b>WWDC  2018 Keynotes Announcements</b>

WWDC  2018 Keynotes Announcements

With ARKit 2, you will be empowered to have shared AR experiences

Apple introduced ARKit 2 at WWDC, its primary and the chief update to the augmented reality software after it was showcased in the year 2017.

ARKit 2 will provide enhanced face-tracking, better rendering, enable 3D object detection, and the knack to commence an AR experience with real-world physical space. ARKit 2 will be made advanced and enabled with more people playing AR games collectively.

Apple partnering with Pixar

Pixar and Apple developed a fresh file format for AR known as "USDZ," which allows people share their content along with retaining animations clubbed with 3D graphics."

Apple is adding together a brand-new application known as “Measure”

Measure assists you capture measurements of the real-world objects. The application uses your iPhone's camera to virtually take precise readings, which let you view the length, width, and height of stuff just by tapping the screen. Also, if you point Measure at a picture, it will automatedly detect it and tell you all the possible dimensions.

Apple is enabling the Photos app to be smarter and interactive

Apple made a group of subtle updates to the Photos app, putting it on the same level with applications like Google Photos. The application now has features like “search suggestions”, “search refinements” and “sharing suggestions”.

Apple further added Siri Shortcuts to assist you to speed up your day to day activities

Siri shortcuts will automatedly suggest actions focused on how and when you are utilizing apps. If for illustration, you order a cup of coffee every day around the similar time, Siri will initiate asking you if you are all set to order it. Apple will have numerous preloaded Siri Shortcuts accessible.

Apple's News and Stocks applications are redesigned

Apple is providing its News and Stocks applications a refresh in iOS 12. The Apple News application will now enable you to leap straight to your best news sources. On iPad, there will be the latest sidebar for better navigation.

The Stocks app will now have spark lines showing the ups and downs of a stock across the day with related business news. There will be access to in-depth analysis of stocks, the after-hours pricing and also stocks app will be added to the iPad by Apple.

Other Updates

1. Apple altered the name of iBooks to Apple Books and gave it a fresh look.

2. Apple CarPlay will now onwards support 3rd party applications.

3. The company added Memoji, new Animoji, and diverse camera effects in iOS 12.

4. FaceTime will extend the current group chat feature with up to 32 group participants.

5. You can add your student ID card to the Apple Wallet, to unlock the dorm doors.

6. Now applications will best group your smartphone notifications.

Moving Ahead

Apple WWDC 2018 highlighted important updates for iOS 12, macOS 10.14, watchOS 5 and more. With performance and security taking the key roles in iOS 12, we may observe the company pushing the more exhilarating features to iOS 13 which can include a rumoured paid subscription to a newly rated version of Apple News in the coming year 2019.