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Tips for Writing Catchy Titles to Grab Reader’s Attention

Why the title of any content plays an important role to get the reader's attention. Writing catchy, clickable headlines that entice the audience to click on the link and begin reading the article is a tricky task.

Tips for Writing Catchy Titles to Grab Reader’s Attention

Tuesday August 28, 2018,

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Every day, our devices are swamped with promotional content from various marketers competing for our attention. From a consumer’s point of view, it isn’t easy to filter out the information that adds value to life. To stand out from the rest, marketers need to possess unique qualities and convince a reader to check out their content. It takes creativity to cut through the clutter and win a reader’s time and attention.

Here’s my run-down of some of the most effective tips for drafting a headline/title,

Focus on the issue

Truthfully, headlines are the most neglected part of writing an article. In order to avoid losing readers, one should focus on writing a headline that your reader can relate to. For instance, if you are targeting the audience who are struggling to grow their career path, you can offer them information about short-term certification courses by a professional trainer. Understanding the need of your readers is the key.

Excite your reader

Now that you’ve analyzed the situation and found the set of audience you wish to focus on, it is time to give them something valuable. Excite your reader by using catchy phrases whilst addressing their problems. Give them a sense of relief by convincing them that your article holds the solution to all of their problems. To do this, you can use numerals to begin your title.

Leave them wanting for more

Like dangling a carrot for the bunny, using catchy terms followed by unfinished ones tend to leave the audience wanting to know more. Frame the sentence in a way that feeds their curious mind just enough to make them click on your post. It is the beginning point for building their interest and from here, you can make efforts to keep them engaged with your post.

Simple yet effective

Ditch the gaudy title and stick to the simple one instead. It is always easy to convince people to read your content when you sound genuine. Giving an unrealistic expectation to your readers will drive them off and make you look less trustworthy.

Use the Question approach

This is one of the most effective tricks for writing a killer headline. Use the question approach to make your audience curious. It encourages them to put on their thinking hat and want to find answers by reading your content.

Slightly Controversial

Yes, you heard it right. Making a controversial statement or asking your reader a controversial question is one of the surest ways to grab their attention. Like a teaser, make a controversial statement and tempt them to read the full-length article. No matter the age, everybody likes some spice in their life and so do your readers with the content they read.

Do your research

Once you are done writing content or just beginning to write it, either way, be sure to do some research. Analyze the major deciding factors that have the potential to make your article a hit. It could be the topic, targeted issue, underlying problems of the issue and even the mindset of the audience. Read articles on the topic you chose and find similarities in them, understand what makes each one of them stand out and decide the unique factor that you wish to include in your article. In the end, all of this contributes to framing a catchy title for the post.

In conclusion, a title holds as much power as the entire post itself. If the reader isn’t convinced to read the post, all the efforts and information stays hidden and goes to waste. Thus, no matter how chaotic the situation gets, keep looking for the headline that suits your post the best. Keep phrasing and rephrasing the title until you find the one that is sure to entice your readers. It is in the little details like these that decide the reach of a post. 

All in all, the importance and potential of a catchy headline should not be ignored as it helps your readers decide whether or not the content is worth their time.