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9 things you must do a happy & harmonious life

In this article, I am going to tell you about certain things, which you must do to create harmony and happiness in your life. These are very simple things/ acts and can be done/practiced very easily.

9 things you must do a happy & harmonious life

Thursday December 14, 2017,

6 min Read


Is Your Life getting Tense, Stressful, Depressed or Boring and you are searching for Happiness & Harmony.

I am going to share some information which can help you to change your current Stressed & Depressed Life and fill it with Happiness & Harmony.

But one thing you need to learn is to let go the things which you don’t really need in your life and are making you Sad & Stressed. You are holding on to these because of some future expectations.

Letting go isn’t easy but you need to learn that to make Yourself Happy. So let’s talk about those things.

1. A Grudge

Priests and Psychologists around the world advice their congregants parents to forgive the enemies. But as we know some people don’t deserve that too.

Whatever it is, it’s not about them, and it’s about you. You need to move on with your life by letting go the Things, Feelings, Emotions and Grudges to make yourself happy.

2. Your Pride


Some people take pride in extremes which is not good. It is good up to certain level. Beyond which t can be very destructive destroy you Mentally and Physically.

If you refuse to admit your mistakes and let your pride come in your way then you will never learn new things and might not even be able to move on with your life.

You will not see the other side and won’t be able to improve/ change yourself. So take it easy and don’t let your pride come in your way.

3. Belief that you could rich one day


We all have a dream to become rich or becoming the CEO of a company. But the truth become gets bitter as we grow old. Because we realize that we might never be able to fulfill our dreams.

It doesn’t matter how good you are. Many a time even geniuses are not able to fulfill all their dreams.

You have a lot to offer to the world. But it doesn’t mean people will value all of that. You are ignoring/ spoiling the present because of future hope of getting rich someday.

You are ruining everyday of your life in the tension of getting rich. But remember one thing you don’t need to be a rich to be happy or live a happy life.

4. Insecurity


Insecurity about Future will distract you from your present life. It is a reason for Unhappiness where your expectations make you Sad & Stressed.

Insecurity can come from the judgments of others or from the self-judgment. So long as you are doing the right things, and living the life the way you wanted then no one has the right to pass a judgment on you.

So just be yourself and live a happy life without worrying about others. The people who love, love you for what you really are.

5. Possessiveness


Jealousy comes from the insecurity. If you can let go the insecurities then you can let go the jealousy too. It means stop worrying about what you are going to lose in the future.

Possessiveness is an emotion closely related to the jealousy. Remind yourself that letting the things go is better than hurting you. You will feel much happy when you leave the things behind that were hurting you.

6. Mistakes


Extreme Guilt & Regret are the worst things in someone’s life. Some people say ‘I never regret anything in life’ while others get stuck onto that.

Both of these are extremes and one should look for the middle path. It’s good to go to the past and remember the things you have done wrong and feel sorry for that instead of getting stuck in those.

Regrets are good as they help people overcome guilt, move on and become a better person. But if the past things are pushing you backward then it is not good for you. Let the regrets make your life positive.

7. Toxic People


If you have toxic people around you and you are not happy with them, then you should let them go to keep yourself Happy & Stress Free.

It is easy to get attached to the people you hate the most. Hatred is every bit as strong of a tie as love. You are wasting your energy and time on toxic people, as they can never make you happy.

The best way is to keep yourself away from them you will see that your life is much better without them. Get rid from the toxic and you will see how much happier your life become.

8. The job you hate


Sometimes when you are stuck with your life it’s hard to change the line of work. If you have great skills and still you are doing the job you hate then you should change the job as soon as possible.

There is no sense to stick around to the job in which you are not happy. These are the part of your life even though you are being paid but if you are not happy then there is no point in holding onto that job.

Try to change the job and follow your passion. Your skills will help you to find the right job for you which can make you happy.

9. Addictions


Every 1 out of 10 person is addicted to alcohol or drugs. There are other types of addictions too. You may be addicted to the Toxic Relationship, Work, and Prescription Drugs etc.

This addiction is to fill the void, which can unfortunately never be filled with the things you are addicted to.

It is the desire of getting more, but there is never enough to fulfill desires. It will destroy You, Your Relationships, Your Money, and Your Time to name some.

Recovering from the addictions is one of the hardest things one could ever do. If you can control or stop your addictions then you will see how happier your life will be.

There are numerous ways and things to make you happy. I have shared a few of these which are common to all of us and are faced by us in our day to day life.

But the end message is that ‘Be Happy’ and ‘Live the Life You Deserve’. I read somewhere: ‘Live Well: As You Live Once’.