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Suit Up India!

Bring the luxury of customized tailoring at your doorstep!

Monday July 11, 2016,

3 min Read

A wardrobe is an extension of one's personality. Not only does a closet store clothes, but is a secret key to one's creative expression, ambition and mind. We can mostly tell by the colors, the structure, the brands or the street experiences one amasses about what she or he is like in life. Though there are many varieties of clothes, there is one wardrobe staple which is the Kohinoor of solitaires, a Suit!

 A classic matched suit is a must-have for Level-4 dressing that is the most formal tier of clothing when worn together. It also happens to be the one piece we invest the maximum time in acquiring and in return lends the maximum pride in wearing as well. A suit denotes important events in life and is a memory you collect for ever. However, getting a suit is not as easy as it should be. With an extensive range of fabrics and a substantial number of tailors out there, it gets understandably difficult for one to choose from. This is surely an investment subjected to market risks and there are no documents attached! 

Suit Up India comes into the picture as a platform to ease the process of getting suits tailored at the comfort of your home or office. 

Like any other e-commerce website, Suit Up India has an array of designs curated specially for both men and women in work wear suits as well as evening wear tuxedos. However there is a huge difference in how you get your product. SUI gives control to the customer from step 1 of Fabric selection and measurements to the last leg of Trial and Delivery of their suit. A measurement expert is sent to your preferred address with samples of the cloth you selected and more in the same range. Once you give a go for the material, he then takes your measurement according to your specifications. He gets it tailored and reaches back to you for a trial where you get to keep the suit if you think it's perfect or send it back for free alterations. When it is altered to your liking, your suit is delivered for you to start creating moment to remember for life. 

The mantra behind the ideology is to reduce any stress related to a tailored suit so that your interview, wedding preparation or that board meeting doesn't get any more stressful than it already is!

Your Suit is the frame to your perfect picture. Make it complement you better!