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Connecting People to their Cultural Roots

Tuesday September 13, 2016,

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In 13th century Maharashtra, as in rest of India, only the upper caste Brahmins had access to the rich repository of Vedic scriptures while it remained inaccessible to rest of the population, as they could not understand Sanskrit.

During this time, Sant Gyaneshwar wrote the Gyaneshwari, a translation of Bhagwad Gita into Marathi, the commonly spoken language of the region. Going against traditions, he ensured that holy Scriptures like the Gita was accessible to the common man.

Today, at VydikShala we are attempting to do something similar. We want to spread awareness of our rich Indian culture, Hindu rituals, customs and traditions to a global audience in the language commonly understood by them.

Leveraging modern eLearning technology, it is possible to reach every nook and corner of the world, where a Student can access our courses from the comfort of his or her home.

Sanskrit, the language of Gods and the Mother of all Languages is slowly losing its grip in the land of its birth. To encourage spoken Sanskrit, we are launching VydikShala with “Learn Spoken Sanskrit” online course, using English and other commonly spoken languages as the medium of instruction. As we grow, we plan to launch many more exciting courses that will create awareness about our unique culture as well as connect people back to their roots.

Through the VydikShala medium we will also attempt to attract foreigners and Non Resident Indians to the land of “Spiritualism” with a clear mission of showcasing India’s rich culture and heritage preserved over several centuries.

We are excited to be part of this journey that is set to transform the way “Spirituality” based education is imparted to the students.

Shankar Mahadevan talks about his partnership with VydikShala.com