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Kesar Kottage: A Beginning

A Dream of giving back charm to Kashmiri Saffron and its farmers

Tuesday January 03, 2017,

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Kesar Kottage started with a vision to provide an online platform to Kashmiri Saffron farmers. In July-2016, it was realized by Tanveer Ahmad (an Engineering graduate) that the differences between the cost of Saffron in market and that offered to farmers is unexpectedly huge. The thought that the high value of this noble spice gives out no benefit to its farmers gave rise to an idea, which later transformed into Kesar Kottage. Tanveer himself belongs to a family involved in the Saffron cultivation, so such thought was bound to come.

Kesar Kottage is working on No Profit No Loss Principle in case of Saffron. It assumes an average profit margin per unit of Saffron of an average trader and splits it into two. The amount then offered to a farmer by Kesar Kottage is the current price what they are already getting plus half of the average profit margin as evaluated from time to time. The cost with which the Saffron is then sold is almost equal to the total amount what is given to a farmer. A nominal amount of charges are adjusted from the customer to compensate the payment gateway and transaction expenses. This working principle of Kesar Kottage not only gives maximum share of Saffron value to farmers but makes it affordable to the customers & the short supply chain keeps it free from adulteration.

The company is currently handled by Shakir Ahmad and Dar Tanvir, the younger brother and the cousin of Tanveer Ahmad respectively. Kesar Kottage was incorporated on 05-Oct-2016 as a one person company with Shakir Ahmad as its sole director. The company pledges to make no profit in the retail sale of saffron and is planning to earn profit by the bulk sale of it to food and medicine industries and through the launch of other Kashmiri products to power their business and to keep the good work going on.