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Innovation Plus Experience What Makes Trutech Products World's Leading Transformer Manufacturers

Trutech Products is the Pune-based, transformer manufacturing company which is internationally certified for its products that are value-added spices in the market. The company is decades old, with the global presence and many winning moments. 

Tuesday November 22, 2016,

3 min Read

The ability to run a business is not limited to a location, city, state or country. You can go worldwide through the internet and aware people about your products and services. You can earn a good name through the social media platform across the world and make a global presence among others. Trutech Products has made a good name in the world of the Transformer Manufacturers. The vision and mission of Mr. Mukesh Tolani is to serve the world with the complete solution of the transformers.

Why The Demand For The Transformers Is Increasing Worldwide?

• Increasing technology and rising demand for the technology products.

• The rising problems of electricity failures, breakdowns and hazards.

• To cut down the electrical hazards occur due to power issues.

The Huge Range Of The Transformers From Trutech Products Comes To Save The Situation

Transformers are the innovative electrical device which is used to control the voltage and current load and transfer it from the device to the alternating current device. The design of the product is prepared first and then it is processed to test the sample. After it qualifies the test; the process of the production is planned. The raw material required for the production process is purchased and processed to make the final product. Every individual product is passed through the various quality tests and after the inspection, it is passed for packing. The products are shipped to the customer’s doorstep in the limited time period.

The Classification Of The Transformers Is Based On The Types Of The Phases:

• Single Phase Transformer

• Three Phase Transformer

These Are Further Classified Into:-

• Step Down Transformers

• Step Up Transformers

There Are Different Types Of The Transformers Which Are Innovated To Meet The Various Demands Of The Various Industrial Needs:-

• Control Transformer

• Isolation Transformer

• Three Phase Transformer

• Auto Transformer

• AC Chokes

• DC Chokes

• Special Purpose Transformer

About Trutech Products

The company got ISO certified on August 19, 2015, and also received a CE certificate from the EC international Certifications. Since 1997, the company managed to keep the burning flame of the courage high and with the help of the proficient team of technicians and engineers. Trutech Products offers global shipping for the complete range of the products within the fixed time period. We value your time and money that is why we are punctual, tight on deadlines and affordable without compromising the quality of the products. We have many satisfied clientele all around the world and we offer a complete range of the products which are made with the international quality standards.

The vast experience of the company speaks the volume and its integrity with the latest technology turns into a new innovation. The company has the potential to fulfill the demand of the international as well as the national clients with the high-quality products. We believe in providing the best quality products after inspecting it, to avoid any fault. We also offer a long-term relationship with the clients because we are not limited to the buyer and seller criteria. You can buy the products with an ease and we deliver the product at your doorstep. We also provide after sales technical support to enhance your experience and give you the comfort you deserve. You can ask for the installation and operational assistance after buying the product and you can also send us an enquiry to know about the product before buying it. In this cut throat competitive market, we are esteemed and acknowledged as the best Transformer Manufacturers In India. We are committed to the hard work and dedicated to the best customer service and quality production.