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How to remove your occupational stress in no time

To get rid of stress and experiencing a greater level of productivity at work you need to stimulate your body’s natural relaxation system. 

How to remove your occupational stress in no time

Tuesday March 20, 2018,

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We often do experience a stressful environment at our offices. This may be because of several reasons like your coworker breaking your nerve, illness, or a family issue that demands an extra time and attention. 

 The secret to easing stress and experiencing a sense of calm and peace is to stimulate our body’s natural relaxation system. If you add effective stress management to your routine life you can control the situation at its best. There are numerous steps to invite peace and calmness into your daily routine like you can exercise, listen to music, read whatever you love to, or take a massage therapy after work.  

Spa sessions and masseuses aren’t something everyone wants to spend every day. So, what if you learn a few massage techniques that can actually help promote relaxation

Follow The given On Tips To Fight Your Stress In Less Than An Hour:  


Acupressure is an amazing stress relaxation technique that stimulates muscle relaxation at certain points in the body. If you’re booking an acupressure session, go for the Thai or Shiatsu massage.

Three Mile Point – The Three Mile Point has located two fingers’ width below the kneecap and four fingers’ width at the outside region of the leg. Applying gentle pressure on this point will combat fatigue, improves energy flow and improves concentration.

Grandfather-Grandson – The Grandfather-Grandson Point is located three fingers’ width behind the big toe. Applying gentle pressure on this point aids in balanced energy circulation and nourishment, relieving ankle pain and stress.

Inner Gate – Draw a straight line from the point between your index finger and middle finger through your arm, around three fingers’ width from the wrist crease. Applying gentle pressure on this point helps in deep breathing, soothes nausea and protecting the heart from stress.

Union Valley – The Union Valley point is located in the webbed area between the thumb and the index finger. Applying pressure on this point relieves muscle tension and stress.

Hot Stone Massage

A relaxing hot stone massage improves blood circulation, relieves stress, relaxes sore and stiff muscles and calms you down. Though one can always visit a salon, it can be easily performed at home as well.

Choose hot massage stones, which are usually made of basalt. They are smooth in texture and should be flat on one surface. You will need to wash these stones carefully using antibacterial stop, and immerse them in hot water.

Place these heated stones on the acupressure points of your body that include the arms, legs, back, and hamstrings and feel your body aches and stress melt away.

Neck And Shoulder Massage

A neck and shoulder massage uses gentle massaging techniques to relax the muscles of the neck, arms and shoulders, along with improving blood circulation, soothing sore muscles, relax tissues, stimulate tired nerves and relieving stress.

Choose a calm and quiet environment to begin the massage session. Start by massaging the trapezius muscles at the base of the neck and slowly move outward to the neck, shoulders, upper back and arms.

Use the fingers of both your hands to create gentle pressure around the neck area, avoiding the spine.

Place your right hand on your left shoulder, and gently squeeze the muscle and stretch your shoulder backward. Repeat this on the other side.

These simple but effective massage relaxation techniques will greatly benefit your body in not just easing stress and providing you with a number of health benefits. Take this as an opportunity to relax and meditate, and finish off with extra hydration and a quiet nap to enjoy the best results of the massage session.