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Web Click India Share The List Of Top Blogging Platforms

Web Click India is a well-established SEO Company in Delhi that knows the value of content in SEO Strategy. To feast the demand of their visitors, they post a number of blogs that increase the knowledge and interest of their client. They share the list of top blogging platforms especially for the beginners that guide you the right path to your career.

Friday January 13, 2017,

7 min Read

Are you a blogger? Looking for a list of platforms to launch a new blog? Short of cash? Don’t worry; here we are going to share the list of top best and free blogging platforms. No matter, you do blogging for passion, for fun or for profit you must choose a right platform. When you surf the internet to choose a right platform then, there are countless options available on it, which may confuse the newbie. As it is an important decision, so, take your time and after understating all its aspects stick to any decision. To make your research easier here are a list of top free blogging platforms you can try to start your blogging career.

WordPress: Being the popular WordPress Web Development Company in Delhi, we recommend this the most. WordPress one of the most popular blogging platforms don’t require any introduction. It is the perfect option to start your blogging job. It requires no coding experience and can be easy to manage even by a non-tech savvy person. It’s plenty of free themes, templates and plugins help you give your blog the exact look how you want. It is free from any malicious attacks because of its unbeatable security and excellent services. It is probably the best option, especially for the newbie, who is just starting their blogging career.


• Highly user-friendly

• Recommended for creating blogs and website

• Offer countless SEO Plugins

• Provide around the clock support

Blogger: Blogger backed by Google is one of the best and trustworthy blogging platforms that you can try to start your blogging journey. When it comes to determining a right platform so, Blogger is the one that you cannot miss out. It is free to use and very easy to handle. It may offer you many themes and even permitted you to buy plugins of your choice out from the website to use on this platform. With this platform, you don’t need to work hard just write your unique content add images to it and publish it within a few minutes.


• Perfect for new bloggers

• Robust secure platform

• Active community support

• Elegance and ease

Tumblr: Another free blogging platform you should try is Tumblr. It is one of the most used platforms because it requires basic functionality and therefore a person with less technical knowledge can easily publish their article or blog over this platform. Moreover, it offers you a ton of creative ways to enhance the look of your blog post, which easily holds the attention of its readers. It is very easy to use and allow your readers to share your blog post through re-blogging. In a short span, it makes a higher position over the World Wide Web and in today’s time, it has more than 170 million active users.


• Easy to use platform

• Free guides available for newcomers

• Allow to target a large-scale audience

• Themes can easy to alter

Medium: Medium founded by Twitter is one of the top best blog publishing sites. It is a perfect place for your valuable content to reach a universal audience. It lets you share your story by showing the magic of your words. Every day, more than thousands of people switch to this platform to publish, their thoughts and ideas. You can easily sign up on it and set your profile and publish your blog within a few minutes by following simple steps. Along with this, it easily drives traffic to your blog post, which in result helps to increase its visibility.


• Goal to improve quality content

• Gives you story-telling feel

• Draw people with same interest

• Easy to create your online presence

LiveJournal: Founded in the year 1999 LiveJournal is highly recommended for blogging, journalizing, and for writing a diary. It has a self-contained community, which stands it apart from other platforms. It is available in both free as well as a paid version, so, one can choose it as per their need. Because of its popularity among the writers, it is used by more than 16 million bloggers in each and every cornerstone of the earth. It supports multiple languages and allowed you to write your blog in your loved language, which increase its reputation among people a far better than any other platform.


• Vast community support

• Free for users

• Available in various languages

• Easy to upload videos and images

Weebly: With its plethora of unique and modern themes to give your blog a look you want to. It is one of the best and easy to use blogging platforms that allow you to make any changes without even learning coding or any other technical language. You can publish content either on your custom domain or in Weebly domain. It gives you a fun blogging experience, which can be easy to maintain without facing any technical on non-technical issues.


• Responsive design

• SEO optimization

• Speed and security

• Lets you build a high-quality website for free

Wix: A highly popular cloud-based web development platform that permitted you to create a website or blog absolutely free through the use of its drag and drop tool. It offers you a handful of unique and eye-catching templates that can be easily customized to keep your blog stands out apart from the crowd. Along with this, it also allowed you to add apps to your site as well as links to social media platforms.


• Customer support

• Professional templates design

• Drag and drop website builder

• High-security

Ghost: One of the veterans of this list, Ghost, started its life in early 2013. This platform because of its huge popularity used by millions of bloggers and because of its countless features it differentiates itself from others. You can easily download and install it on your web server to start blogging on this platform. It can be a great platform if you are a tech savvy person.


• Open source blogging platform

• Simple and flexible

• Easy for content creation

• Format your writing on the fly

Svbtle: It is stripped-back, super-click, and modern blogging platform. It allowed you to change your design and template to enhance the look of your website or blog and add as many features as you can that help to increase its functionality. It gives you all such features to enjoy, which WordPress or Blogger offer to you.


• Provide complete control

• Target widespread viewers

• Enhance your writing experience

• Unique design and templates

Webs: Something slightly different for our final entry is Webs, which is a great platform to use. It enabled you to create a more professional environment for your blog. You can easily drag and drop your element for your blog for customized pages. It has an E-commerce feature, which differentiates this blogging platform from the others; so, you can even sell your products and services over it. It helps you to design an SEO-friendly website or blog on your own.


• E-commerce web store

• Create more professional environment

• Mobile optimized

• Socially connected

In Conclusion:

You can give a kick-start to your blogging career with any of the above platforms. At the end of the day, it’s up to you at what platform you want to start your blogging profession. So, what are you waiting for? Pick the best one for you and start blogging now. We as the most popular Website Development Company in Delhi always ready to help you. You can visit our website www.webclickindia.com for any other information about our services.