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Travel Trends to Look Forward For In 2017

Travel Trends

Travel Trends to Look Forward For In 2017

Wednesday March 01, 2017,

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Now, holidays and vacations are no longer limited to the rich and the influential lot. An expanding number of Indians are presently investing significant time from their bustling life to go with their families and companions to celebrate and strengthen their bonds.

The booming of the travel industry has allowed many to accept it as lifestyle statement during the past few years. And the happy news is, we will get to see this trend maturing out into better opportunities. Travellers vary with their interests. If few love to explore various places for the love of food and culture, on the other hand some does for their interest in shopping. While there are solo travellers, there are also vacationers who love to spend quality time with family. As per studies, it has been noted that 44 percentages of Indians have started investing in travelling. The country has also inked its position at 18th position on the global list of travellers.


In the year 2017, it has been estimated that there will be a rise in the destination and experimental holidays in the nation. Though, Indians have already started showing huge interest in booking standard hotels and getting engaged into leisure activities such as hot air balloon ride, skydiving, scuba diving, high-end bar parties etc; the coming will only get to see an increased percentage for such entertainment.

Whether, it is an international trip or an excursion within the country, now Indians are paying attention not only in discovering new destinations but also in creating memories for lifetime. More and more of offbeat locations are being explored. From a recent travel survey, it has been concluded that while 51 percentage of the population will make domestic trips, 43 percentages will invest in overseas retreat.

Sri Lanka, Croatia, Philippines, South Italy, Madagascar and Tasmania will remain few of the hit list destinations for Indian travellers for the current year. These locations are less discovered and thus maximum of the nation’s vacationers are deviating their interest for these places, instead of frequently the same old locations. On the other hand, those who will look forward for more than a vacation, for them experiential will increase. For these lots, apart from amusement they will as well seek to absorb something deep from their travel.

Thus, it can concluded that the year 2017 will get see a lot of interested Indians setting their feet on lands that have been previously unexplored by them. And given to this upcoming trend, travel and visa agencies have to gear themselves to put in their best to stand tall to the travel requirements of the country.

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