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You fail because you listened to the wrong people

You don't achieve that much deserving success because you are not capable enough or don't have that courage to achieve it with hard work, but because you listen to wrong scared people. Learn from my startup story! 

You fail because you listened to the wrong people

Wednesday September 27, 2017,

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We fail, not because we are less intelligent, but because we get demotivated for thinking something!

We fail, not because we don’t have caliber, but because, we’ve proven that our caliber is not enough to stand in tough time, by others!

We fail, not because we can’t do something, but, because we listen to those who can’t do anything!

We all have many ideas to be successful or do something unique or out of the box; or doing something which is usual, but in a way that it creates a huge remarkable difference. Our ideas can actually bring success, but we never get that much deserving success because we listen to the wrong people. They break our morale in a way that we just don’t try and it makes us failed even before trying.

Let me share my startup story to give a clearer idea:

Before starting my own business of Digital Marketers India, I worked for more than a decade in different companies. If ever anyone talks about opening a digital marketing agency in the group, the next opinion or argument come across is something as below:

There is too much competition. There are so many companies which offer cheap SEO services, it is impossible to get good business in this industry or clients who pays back to our efforts.” Or

SEO is dying” or

The market is diluted now. No opportunities left.

In a nutshell, leave this rubbish idea. Don’t take risks. Follow the heard and routine!

This argument is right in its place and that’s why I never tried opening my own business even after having all the capabilities as an entrepreneur until it became the last option for me. And with all the surprises, I am doing phenomenally well with my business from the very first month, which deny all those rubbish arguments.

Yes, it is tough to get business and good clients, but, if you have the caliber and if you have that entrepreneurial spirit, nothing is impossible. I could have started earlier and have done a lot till now, but I was listening to wrong people, which kept me in a shell for so many years.

This may have happened to you as well. You get an amazing business idea, you go to someone, explain it with full passion and in response you get a heartbreaking and highly demotivating response which says,

Buddy! This idea is not going to work. Go back to your routine and do traditional.”

This breaks our confidence and we think we are in some dream world and this won’t work. It will ruin our time and money and we end up putting our passion and idea in a bin and start being part of the herd.


You are born to make a difference and that’s why you are getting these ideas which nobody else is getting. You have that spark! You, too, STOP LISTENING TO PEOPLE WHO NEVER TRIED SOMETHING IN THEIR LIFE AND LISTEN TO YOURSELF EVEN IF YOU FAIL, YOU WILL LEARN SOMETHING WHICH CAN BE USED TO MAKE YOUR NEXT IDEA SUCCESSFUL!

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