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The Technical Push:Technology driven Fitness Guide

“Samaj ka sabse bada rog kya kahenge log”

Wednesday May 25, 2016,

4 min Read

To have a flab, a larger than standard waistline, a jeans size higher than 34 and a food loving attitude, all of these are an abomination in these time. 

Physical appearance is always a matter of great discussion among all wings of society.
Mankind has tried everything from exercise to gym, form sauna baths to sauna belts even the poor tea has been laced with magic tonics to make your flab sink into your abdomen but despite the glorious claims of that gorgeous skinny model from those infomercial nothing has been that effective in getting the mythical like Shangri-La: Size zero figure.

However, when we’ve taken refuge in every possible trick and gimmick of the mortal world, even the meditation part (which in any case might never involve any physical fat burning, but still is recommended by Babas, bosses, aunts & literally everybody); why not try something from the immortal worlds: The world of Science & technology.

Science and technology in its raw form had been the driving force behind all the tactics that we use for weight loss, after all, it’s the scientific vigor only which enables us to devise those sauna belts. Instead, what could be done is using the science as a sidekick while being the actual agent of your own aggrandizement.

To say in simple words, why not use technology to induce the mortal efforts required for this purpose of weight loss. There are many ways to do so…

Applications for Mobiles

The era of mobiles and Pads has made us so laggard and addicted to the pocket gadget that we can’t even imagine our blood flow or sanity without them. Thus , an elegant method to employ this addiction would be to monitor our physical effort put into weight loss with the help of applications offered by various developers.

Applications like: Myfitness pal, Endomondo, Fitnotes Gym workout log, Ingress, Pocket yoga etc. help us in monitoring our calorie intake, calories burnt, fitness logbook, diet charts, gym schedules a sort of everything which can indirectly make us to do what in physical sense is required for losing more and more pounds

Smart Gadgets:

Hapifork: This is the one which could actually remind you of your pampering mother and prevent you from taking that extra fat. It’s actually a fork which can be used while eating and it literally vibrates every time you eat something which you shouldn't when your eating habits are likely to increase the risk of you attaining an extra flab.

Sportiiis- The eye gear designed to make you monitor your heartbeat, blood pressure, and respiration rate in order to make you go that extra mile while cycling.

These and many others like these: apps and gadgets and other associates, are the agents that we need to solve the higher purpose, a mortal effort into the cause can only make us attain the figure that we are looking for. Who needs a gym trainer when you can be your own guide on the way to the salvation? Who knows one of these gadgets could one day titillate your vibes enough for you to put in the effort so much that you become the best physical asset of the peer group, family, friends that you have?

A simple alarm clock can induce the necessary stimulus required for weight loss but then again, maybe we need something larger than life and heavier than our pocket potential for fetching the motivation necessary to really lose the tummy.

Technology has always conspired in multiple ways to give you the life that you should have, still it’s one’s own decision to indeed find the reason to live a healthier life. The technology is screaming for you to feel the urge of helping yourselves, it’s your intellect that is to gain upon the leads that it presents. AS the sports agent once said to the athlete:

“HELP ME HELP YOU: (Tom Cruise in and as) Jerry Maguire”