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2018 factors for Local SEO

The local SEO factors keep on changing every year in order to stay updated with the Google trends. Let's discuss the 2018 factors for the local is SEO that can give your website the top position in the Google ranking.

2018 factors for Local SEO

Wednesday February 21, 2018,

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Search engine optimization is basically a process of making a website or blog or online business successful. Having an online based business is profitable these days, but it is not easy to run a business properly until you are poised with knowledge and expertise in business marketing. Promoting conventional business in the conventional business marketing process is simpler. However, investment is quite high in that case. Online business marketing is a completely different thing. Here, investment of money may be minimal, but enough time has to be invested. Moreover, the result of search engine optimization should be achieved in strategic approach.

When it comes to search engine optimization strategies, there is nothing static in this field. Everything will be dynamic as well as effective on temporary time span. Of late, one of the commonest trends in SEO can be noted and that is local SEO services. With this SEO technique, it is possible to achieve excellent business marketing results. Many businesses are basically location-based or regional. For example, a carpet cleaning service would look for clients in its locality or region. It is unlikely for people of different states or countries to call a carpet cleaning service which belongs to other state or country.

This is where the concept of local SEO has come into the picture. With local SEO, it is possible to explore potentials of your business within a small region or place. However, business owners, as well as webmasters, have limited knowledge on local SEO. To make them well versed with various local search engine optimization techniques, here are some tips in the following section.

1. Include location to title tag

Title tag of your website is important. Generally, people include some main business keywords in this title tag. It should not be too long though. Hence, including a keyword and along with that phone number would be good enough. But, when you want local SEO benefits, a small change has to be made to this title tag. You must also add your location. For example, you have carpet cleaning business. This, title tag should include “Carper Cleaning Service” along with your phone number. At the end, you should also add location. For example, if you run a business in London, you should add “Carpet Cleaning London”. This is how location tag for your business works. Information that you provide in website title section will be shown into search engine results. Thus, it will be easier for people to find a suitable service provider or a business as per their localities.

2. Location and business name in H1 title

Every website comes with H1, H2 and H3 title tags at content section. These are considered as three types of standardized content headlines for a website. Meticulous use of these tags is important as they will help your business to be recognized easily. At these title tags, you should include one significant business keyword. It is better to use company name or business name in H1 tag. Along with the company name, you should also add location. It will help your business website to become easier to be recognized within a locality or region. It does not make sense to obtain traffic for website from those regions where your business still does not function.

3. Maintain average website speed

For search engine optimization, you need to have a website which gives seamless performance and fast loading features. If your website acts slowly in terms of performance, visitors would start showing dissatisfaction for your website. As a result, all your efforts for better local SEO results would go into wastage. For desktop, your website’s average speed should be 80 and for mobile your website’s average speed should be 60. To enhance loading speed of your website, you should omit high resolution images from your website. Moreover, website should be hosted in good web hosting server. Using shared hosting for website can result into slow performance. On the other hand, using dedicated server would help increasing speed of your website drastically.

4. Business location in web content

Website content has been written with a lot of care as well as precision. It reflects your business activities and functional aspects. It is a formal way of getting your company or organization to introduce to web visitors. Contents have excellent roles in play in business SEO Services. They must be used for the purpose business marketing. To make content SEO-friendly, adding keywords that are related to the business is a common thing. Basically meticulous use of keywords on contents will help your business to grow. Along with keywords, location or region should also be mentioned in content for quite a few times. It will help your business to gain more recognition with ease within a region or location.

5. Blogs and press releases

Most of the websites we find these days come with integral blogging platform. Some businesses also have sections for latest news as well as articles. When you publish press release or news or updates on your business, you should optimize content with keywords and location of your business. It will help to enhance SEO-friendliness of your business website. It will stand for more opportunity to become famous. So, you should meticulously invest time into blogging for your website. Content has to be written meticulously, incorporating business location and keywords. The ultimate goal is to find target audiences.

6. Embed Google map for location of your website

Physical existence of a business is important otherwise reliability or trustworthiness would not be attained. You need to embed Google map on your website properly so that visitors can come to know about physical existence of your business. It will help your business to grow and at the same time your business will start becoming popular within a particular region or location. Keeping your business relevant to service seekers is important. You would want people to visit your website, only if they belong to a particular region or locality. Some businesses work globally, but small-scale businesses have to survive by attracting local customers or clients for business growth.