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A web of wealth.

A web of wealth.

Wednesday February 21, 2018,

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My dreams need to live.

My aspirations need some air.

My wants have no boundaries.

My goals pave towards success.

I want to be rich.

But how? This often hits me… What is wealth?

Does wealth lie in the form of diamonds for the diamantaire, or is it gold biscuits for the gold merchant. Does it mean the crude oil of the Arab or the rolling bucks of the tycoon? Will it place its definition in the tall luxury towers or in the dividends of the volatile equity markets? Is wealth a huge corpus of a white-collar job or is it some highly paid insurance redemptions when one dies?

Today, wealth floats everywhere in different lobbies. We see a virtual wealth around us. In reality, we fail to recognize its original blueprint. Hence the deficit always.

Truly speaking, wealth lies in 'you'. You can turn tables around. Money didn’t make men. Men made money. The thumb rule never changes. Success cannot be measured vis-à-vis your hefty bank folios. It ain’t a number game on the charts. I’d rather call it a jugalbandi of your potential and the right opportunity. It's an even balance.

Let’s, decipher the code to wealth.

Wealth is being kind. It is the abundance of giving. Feed a million mouths with some morsel, and shower yourself with blessings of a lifetime. You will never go to bed hungry.

Wealth is in the green soil. Let its hue be moist. The parched land craves water. Support the harvest and ban eco hazards. Yield more rain and the farmer will never have to suicide.

Wealth is in innocence. Join hands to abolish slavery. Eliminate his deprivation. Make the pen his weapon and the little boy will design a new world.

Wealth is in freedom. Let's re-order peace. Outcast hatred and treat all with equality. End the waging hierarchy war and the lonely soldier will go home.

Wealth is in gratitude. Let the mind never dwell with pangs of wretched jealousy. Make it cash rich. Return back in plentiful kindness. Fill the heart with happiness and there I savour being rich.

I am wealthy, today.

A Web of Wealth

A Web of Wealth