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The impact of audience response system on your events

Tuesday April 18, 2017,

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Audience Response System is quite an impressive way to know your clients, interact with them, and moreover it gives you clear information about what your clients or audience are thinking or has views about any particular topic. Being a small or a larger event, ARS has always played a great role in making your events successful.

Today I’ll discuss about what actually an ARS is, what are its pros and cons, and what impact it can put upon the success of your events.

Audience Response Systems:

ARS also knows as Voting Pads are used in conferences, events, surveys and such other gatherings where it is essential to know about the other’s views. Audience Response Systems being a beneficial tool not only for the success of event but it also let us know about the thoughts of audiences on a particular topic.

Moreover there are certain points/features which we must look in for an ARS such as

1- It should be simple and easy to use so the delegates don’t have to face any kind of problems while using it.

2- It should be scalable i.e. we should be able to offer from 1 to 1000 of audiences at a time.

3- It should be able to track each specific individual reports.

4- It should have multiple choice options with numeric as well as alphabetic.

5- It should be able to provide instantly graphical results on the screens.

Where are ARS been used mostly?

Though voting pads is needed in almost every field related to surveys, trainings and such other things where it is necessary to know the response of delegates. The major areas where it is crucially needs are:

1- Quiz and test Programs.

2- Buzz-In

3- Student Examination.

4- Voting & Survey

5- Corporate training

6- Marketing Events.

7- Seminars and Gatherings.

Impact of Audience Response System:

Audience response System plays a vital role in developing a relation or say mutual understanding between the presenter and the audiences. Suppose a question is being asked or discussed in any event regarding any particular topic among thousands of peoples present there, then it’s really hard to go to each individual and ask personally about what they think or not regarding that topic, there ARS allows us for hassle free mode of interaction.

The presenter can present his question through his monitor/ screen and audiences can accordingly choose the selected button for their desired result with the given options. It not only saves time but it also enables to know the responses of each and every individual with an ease.

Moreover, it’s a very easy and simple way of interaction between the presenter and the delegates. It allows for the direct and instant result in any such events. It provides the delegates to come up with several options like as single selection, numeric selection, multiple selections, true/false, rating scales and many more other options. It also allows for an interactive and fun loving environment in such long and hectic conferences.

ARS system being costly, is available with rental facilities also. Many companies like Translation India and some others provide Audience Response Systems rental facility for their clients to organize such events/conferences with an ease.

Share your thoughts and views on the topic, if you think about any missed impact which I forgot to mention about the impact of Audience Response System and its features. In my next article I will describe about the features of ARS/Voting Pads and how you can get the most of it in your event. 

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