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Technology is the backbone of the travel industry: Myth or reality?

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Technology is the backbone of the travel industry: Myth or reality?

Tuesday November 28, 2017,

3 min Read



Everybody is running after time, everybody is running after success. In doing so, modern life is getting monotonous every day. This is a harsh reality every modern human being is dealing with. Perhaps, that’s why traveling has become so important a part of everybody’s life. When it seems that life has been stuck, a tour, be it short or a long one can act like fresh oxygen. While modernity has made us more materialistic, it has also blessed us with technology. A great technology revolution has taken over all the industries including the traveling industry. The present generation is fortunate enough as they have witnessed a couple of amazing innovations and technology adoption that push the industry to a rapid change.

Travel industry in the upcoming years

Last 10 years have witnessed the advent of the Internet and an incredible increase of its accessibility that has brought remarkable changes in the travel industry. Now this industry is always ready to serve the urgent requirements. To keep up with this rapid change, travel agencies and companies are modifying their strategies, adopting innovative systems to steer ahead of the competition.

Since the nature of technology is ever-changing, no one can predict exactly what will happen in next one or two years. However, it can be said safely that technology will become even more integrated into our everyday life and keep changing our business approach and lifestyle. 

So far as the travel industry is concerned, it can be anticipated that more “smart technology” is going to come into existence. An integration of artificial intelligence into travel technology is on its way.

 Even, there is a possibility that the future technology will be able to predict successfully where the traveler intends to go before that person inserts the choice into the computer.

Another key trend that will be ruling in the coming days is the usage of mobile devices. These days, most of the people are using the internet on their smartphone. In the upcoming years, the number will be no doubt increasing. Therefore, travel agents will be required to remarkably up their game. In order to provide a wide array of options, and to deal the clients with pace, travel agents need to streamline their operations with the help of technology. These days, most of the travelers are looking for travel options beyond online maps and conventional travel guides. They expect to find aircraft seat configuration, book cabs only by tapping their smartphones. The travel industry, that’s why now gets digital for its tech-savvy customers. Most of the travel agents are working on improving their online presence.

The travel industry is introducing a number of apps to help the tourists find nearby tourist spots, hotels, doctors, shopping malls, and other emergency services. Apart from these apps, the travel industry is going to witness the adoption of more advanced websites.

Technology is going to reduce traveling costs by improving the revenue management with the help of optimized pricing model and operational efficacy achieved by gathering insight through real-time operational data.


Standing in the midst of technology revolution, no travel agency can survive without adopting the technology. To keep up with the dynamic business approaches and consumer behavior, travel industry must rely on technology. Winner will be the business which will optimize the technology in the best possible way. Therefore, it is safe to say that technology is the backbone of the travel industry and it is no more a myth.