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EcoVisarjan of Ganesh Idols

We Love Bappa  | We Care for Indore | We deliver free at your Doorstep 

Thursday September 15, 2016,

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We all love the festivities around the Ganpati festival, and we love having Ganpati Bappa at our home/offices and caring for him for the 10 days when he is around.

But when it comes to bidding goodbye and the part of 'Visarjan' in and around the water bodies of the city, it is quite heartbreaking to watch. Not only does it pollute the water, kills a lot of water animals/plants, it is just disrespectful to the deity. Hundreds of statues lying in filthy state half drowned/ half dissolved; half broken - half colorless in a complete lifeless state. The same statues which look life like, a part of family when at home, lies there in a totally awful state.

While performing pooja in our office at Infogravity we  decided to take this into our hands and working on this issue of Immersion of Statues, specially P.O.P. ones in an healthy & environmental friendly way. We finally found a solution which will help you to do visarjan peacefully at home while making our beloved bappa a part of our lives :) and we launched an ONLINE STORE (www.ecovisarjan.com) overnight to provide same solution to Indore's people, We kept the price very economical so that common people can purchase it.  

And we started delivering orders since yesterday, Indore's people are excited about the idea of ecovisarjan, RJ Ravi from Red FM took program with us yesterday and requested indore people to go for eco visarjan. Next year we plan expand our network around India to promote ecovisarjan at home.

We Love Bappa | We Care for Indore | We deliver free at your Doorstep 


Himanshu Vyas