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5 steps to Entrepreneurship!

A story of how a wife helps her husband to learn the meaning of life and grow in his business,

Wednesday May 11, 2016,

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"I will get the prints on my way home", and the door slammed as she hurried downstairs. She was late to work. Especially mondays, she always is. I got out of my bed picked up the cup of coffee she had already done for me and sat with my newspaper in the balcony.

Oh, well she, she is my wife, Neeta. We have been married for the past 22 years now and have two beautiful children. She is a qualified woman and has an analytic mind.

While reading my newspaper I glanced at the wall clock, it was 8 in the morning. I prepared to go for a bath, she had kept my clothes ironed and a neatly folded towel alongside my clothes.Towards the dining table the breakfast was ready for the kids and me. This is not the first time she has been doing all this for us. This is definitely the first time I am acknowledging her though. She is a working women in one of the leading IT companies of India. She on weekends works for an NGO for her immense love of giving back to the society. Moreover, she is a full time employed mother of two. She takes care of the chores and the office. She is also a writer and has 100's of followers on social networking sites.

I work in a MNC for 40 hours of office a week, on the week-ends I do nothing because I am frustrated of the office pressures. Neeta gets up in the morning at 5; does the chores and leaves for office at 8 am. She returns home by 4pm and helps the kids for their work, cooks food for us, completes her official work and calls it a day. She works 18 hours a day.

She has taught me five tricks or steps or what she calls 'habits' to a successful life. I would like to share it with you'll,

1. Be flexible:

Somethings things don't go as they have been planned or plans don't go as the things around. If you have planned and things don't work out well, don't panic. Try another way of solving the same problem. You have been taught a particular method but there is something as an alternative to the same.

2. Keep a Plan B:

Even after consistent hard work if the plan doesn't work always have a Plan B, the next alternate to fall back on. Never should you be in a state where you can't grow or do anything ahead.

3. Keep Multitasking:

Doing one thing at a time and not focusing on the other fields makes Jack a dull boy. When you grow as an entrepreneur you are expected to look into the various fields of your company because you are the whole sole. Since you are a coder you won't be able to market your company is totally wrong. You should know how to do it even though it isn't your field.

4. Passion:

If and only if you are passionate about this field then you should pursue your career your decided this field. Things may not fall right all the time so you are the person responsible for running the company wholly and solely manier times.

5. Keeping it simple:

Start small, build big. You don't get glory the first day you walk on the carpet. You have to walk through a number of persons and a number of situations handling and tackling each of them. Communicate with your users to know their needs and expectations.

You don't have to be an entrepreneur to teach an entrepreneur the skills of gaining success. My adorable dad narrated how his beautiful wife (my mom) taught him how to live life and make the most of it. 

I try to follow them, if not an entrepreneur I am sure it will make me a better person .

Someone rightly said, Imperfection is Perfection.