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Five key tips to using email marketing for multiplying ROI

Five key tips to using email marketing for multiplying ROI

Saturday April 22, 2017,

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Email marketing is the bread and butter of industries that deal with the B2B email lists, and it remains a leading channel for driving sales conversions. From SMBs to major corporations, email continues to be the backbone of any organization.

Business to business mailing list conversions occurs by sending out communications that educate prospects and transforms them into buyers. In contrast to other channels, email marketing yields higher ROI making it the most sought after by marketers. The immediate advantage of using email marketing is that it gets the job done with maximum cost effectiveness. According to Direct Marketing Association, the email marketing median ROI touched 4300% in 2016.

Here are 5 key tips to use email marketing for multiplying your ROI

1. Working with the right ESP

The outcome of email marketing depends on the choice of Email Service Provider (ESP). The ESP equips marketers with the resource needed to launch email marketing programs. The plethora of resources includes list management services, content management, customization of campaigns, templates for email marketing, and much more. Most modern ESP provides sophisticated listening tools to track open rates, clickthrough, etc.

Many marketers use Mail Chimp as their ESP due to the reputation and responsiveness. Mail Chimp allows its users to automate and personalize email campaigns that will drive better conversions. The ESP also offers flexible packages so marketers can take advantage irrespective of the turnover size. Startup and small firms with less than 3000 subscribers may not need all the features. Hence, opting a free package can save the expenses.

2. Email Personalization

Email personalization is critical for grabbing the attention of recipients. Using the features offered by ESP, marketers can customize the campaign to match the customer’s scope, and it is likely to garner their response. Crafting responsive template with interactive content and sometimes integrating them from cross-channel could amplify the results.

Addressing recipients by their name or role within an organization can instantly raise the chance of emails being opened or even responded. An attractive subject line or lively conversation can impact the quality of response from the recipients.

3. Humanistic engagement

Nobody feels excited talking to a bot. If the engagement is between two real persons, it could lead to a positive outcome. While it isn’t wrong to use the company name to shout out to your target prospect, it can be made more responsive by addressing individuals by their name.

Consistency is the key to keeping subscribers from ebbing away. It is the human nature to get acquainted with the quality of conversation especially in areas where relevancy is important. People become familiar with the person starting the conversation and may not prefer to engage with the fraternity.

4. Email on smartphone

In the smartphone-centric world, communications are lightning fast and are made seamless by the smartphone technology which is eons ahead since its inception. A mighty volume of users checks their email on the smartphone rather than desktop PC. The popularity of portable gadgets has prompted optimization of email template for easy viewing on the smartphone.

5. Sharing and Forwarding

With the cross-channel compatibility, email has pushed the boundaries of B2B Email Lists marketing by accommodating social media content from Facebook, Instagram and much more within its body. It gives recipients a unique experience of other channels without compromising the originality of email ecosystem. Since email can be shared, it reaches a larger group of like-minded individuals at no cost at all.

The email with social sharing options tends to gain a higher CTR of up to 115% against emails without it. Hence, ensure that emails have social sharing and forwarding option.

Leveraging these 5 tips could propel marketer towards a successful engagement with customers. Make your email marketing efforts stand out by following these marketing tactics. 

5 key tips to use email marketing for multiplying ROI

5 key tips to use email marketing for multiplying ROI