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9 Ways to Save Money Online

Saving money has now become trend in every business. How can we do it  so that money help in future.

9 Ways to Save Money Online

Monday October 23, 2017,

4 min Read

Whether it’s for short or long-term goals, everyone loves to save money. However, with the thrill that comes from online shopping, many consumers end up spending more than they expected. Here are nine tips that you can follow to save money  when you shop online.

1. Create an account or download the app

By signing up on your preferred e-commerce store, you can get regular updates regarding sales, offers, and coupons. It’s also wise to check the box to receive regular alerts or snail mail regarding the same. Alternatively, you can download the app, which enables you to access the same information on your smart mobile device. Remember to sign in to your account regularly and add an item to your shopping cart. This increases your chances of landing a discount.

2. Understand the shipping policy

Most online stores offer free shipping policy, but only if you shop for a given amount. It is advisable to plan your purchases to help you meet the cut-off mark. If you shop on Amazon, for example, you can take advantage of CheapFiller.com to find relevant items you can buy to meet the free-shipping threshold. If you are not shopping on Amazon, you can take advantage of FreeShipping.org, to help you track stores with free-shipping offers.

3. Pay with the right card

Credit card companies reward their customers with points or cash back. Always remember to use the card that gives you the most rewards when you shop online. It is also important to find out whether your credit card company is associated with any online merchant. Shopping through partner outlets is a great way to save money.

4. Use the right coupon

While it is possible to have several coupons, you should know which coupon yields the most savings when you shop online. For example, some coupons are marked 20% off while others give you $5 off. A discount of 20% is great, but it may not come regularly. Therefore, you should preserve such coupons for major online purchases. On the other hand, $5 off may seem a little, but it makes a big difference on multiple purchases. For this reason, it is always advisable to bring as many coupons as you may have to utilize the discounts and save money. 

5. Take advantage of manufacturer coupons

In addition to the regular coupons, some companies offer manufacturer coupons that give consumers a discount on their purchases. You can find more information on manufacturer coupons in your Sunday newspaper or at Coupons.com.

6. Compare prices

Prices may vary from one seller to another. Even if you shop with a coupon, you might end up paying more for an item that is cheaper in a different store. Experts suggest that online shoppers should rely on apps such as ShopSavvy to compare prices between competitor stores and Amazon. However, as you look for most affordable products, you should never lose sight of the quality aspect. It’s even more important to pay slightly more and get the best quality than paying less for a substandard product.

7. Subscribe to certain products

As a consumer, you know the products that you cannot do without. Whether it’s coffee or tea, you can subscribe to the product so you get it on a regular basis, even before you plan for the next online purchase. This could save you time and money, as some online retailers such as Amazon and Target offer discounts on subscribed products.

8. Shop on websites that offer rewards

Some shopping sites such as Ebates allow their customers to earn money as they shop. Simply create a free account with your e-mail address, which allows you to shop on Ebates-affiliated stores where you earn cash back rewards with each transaction. Besides, you get access to special deals, rebate checks, sales, and coupons.

9. Use alternative shipping service

This is important if, for some reason, you cannot utilize the free-shipping offer. The seller does not ship to your location or the charges are just above your shoulders. In that situation, you can use alternative forwarding services such as Shipito, which enables you to ship your products to any location at a fraction of the shipping charges.

Online shopping can be fun and enjoyable if you know the right buttons to press. Abreast with these tips, you can have a memorable online shopping  experience—always.