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A career in human resources might be perfect for you

Reasons why you should focus on your HR career.

A career in human resources might be perfect for you

Sunday May 06, 2018,

4 min Read

Many young men and women head off to college trying to find the right career path for them to take. For about 50 percent, they enter college knowing exactly what it is that they want to do with themselves once they graduate, and so the degree that they need to earn is an easy one to select.


However, there is still a large number who enter college pursuing one area of study but eventually deciding to study something else. There is still a third group that has no idea what they want to do with themselves and is looking for some kind of direction toward a career path that would be ideal for them. Might we suggest a career in human resources for these two groups?

What are human resources?

If you watch a lot of television, you are probably familiar with one aspect of human resources. This always seems to be the department that somebody is sent to when they have violated some policy of the business or are involved in some kind of sexual harassment complaint. While those who work in human resources to handle issues like that, there is a great deal more to this career pathway than just correcting people.

Many who are involved in the human resources department handle a wide variety of tasks related to the overall effectiveness and operation of the business organization. The biggest area is related to hiring and firing of employees. Those who work in human resources are tasked with finding the ideal candidates to be able to fit a position that is available within the company.

While they may not be the people who do the actual hiring, as that may fall on a department head, they can have a significant role in who actually is able to interview for the position. They would post the position’s availability, review resumes, and determine who would make it to the short list of candidates that would be hired.

Human resources are responsible for dealing with the public, handling publicity for the organization, and dealing with complaints and concerns from the public. If there are some means by which the organization or business is dealing with the community and those that are employed by the organization, then you should know that the people who work in this area are the ones who would be dealing with these kinds of issues.

What is needed to get a job like this?

The best part is that you can have many different kinds of degrees and still work in human resources. For example, if you have a teaching degree, human resources could be the perfect area for you. Many companies and organizations train their own employees and are looking for teachers and other kinds of educators who understand how to train people. You could fit well in a position like this.

If you are a person who has gone to school to be a journalist or editor, you can find many positions available in human resources. Many of the press releases for the company, its procedure manuals, consumer notifications, and other materials that are produced by the organization are made in human resources. You could be a part of that, and find that your degree could be ideal for you.

The truth is, that depending upon the kind of business that you are talking about, you may find that virtually any degree that you have can be ideal for you to get a position within the human resources department. What you need to do is take a look at what they are looking for in terms of requirement for a position, and then see if that fits your education and experience.

It’s a chance to be in an environment where you can make a difference

Many leave out of college looking to find some kind of cushy desk job, where they can sit with their shoes off and their feet inside a foot spa all day long, while they work at a computer. That may be perfectly fine if that’s what you choose to do, but if you are looking for a career path that gives you the opportunity to play a central role in the running of that organization, then human resources may be the occupation for you.