How to become a fashion entrepreneur

It’s always better to start from one or two and your business success will be no longer far.

How to become a fashion entrepreneur

Tuesday June 13, 2017,

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Charlie Chanaratsopon - Fashion Entrepreneur 

Charlie Chanaratsopon - Fashion Entrepreneur 

Beginning, running and growing a business is a tedious work. With so many difficulties, stress and meeting deadlines, it becomes hard to be a successful entrepreneur. Basically, the business enterprise isn't for everybody. You have the keen vision to become a fashion entrepreneur. There is a secret formula of success. In this fashion industry, to set up a unique fashion business is not so easy. Some of the traits necessary to become a fashion entrepreneur are shared by Charlie Chanaratsopon a leading fashion entrepreneur.

Let’s talk about below characteristics that can help you become a fashion entrepreneur.


Achievement doesn't occur incidentally. A business needs the determination to begin and develop. Fashion makes the person and represents its personality. Assurance is the contrast between the individuals who stopped on their fantasy and the individuals who transform their fantasy into an incredible achievement. There will be difficult circumstances. Things will look inconceivable. You want to surrender and quit but your strong assurance to tackle hindrances will help to turn your dreams true.


There are endless books, courses, and MBA programs that can help you to be successful in the business world. However, the most important factor which contributes to your success will be your Enthusiasm. Your enthusiasm originates from a more profound, more important place. You are starting from scratch and work will be hard. You have to work for long hours with low pay. Your enthusiasm to create something different with a good business plan will stand you out from the others.


Even successful business entrepreneurs have faced disappointment. They didn’t get anxious about failure. When things don't generally go well. What's more, at times things totally come up short. You have to learn to cope up with failures. Getting flexible with your failures will help you to think out of the box. Failures are the open doors to learning from your mistakes.

So when things get derailed from the plan, you should get up, tidy yourself off and continue pushing ahead.

Stay Positive

Certainty is a piece of any entrepreneur’s prosperity. You should be positive about yourself – that you can overcome the difficulties what comes your way. Stay positive in hard times. Try to look for the area of improvement. Confidence plays a vital role in the business. Do not be over confident that you know everything or that you can do anything. There is a thin line between confidence and ego. The fashion world has enough of ego. So you have to be careful while running your fashion business.


Being a fashion entrepreneur, you, as the maker of a brand, should have a reasonable vision of what you need your image to be. Your vision characterizes your identity, what you need to do and where you need to go. Your vision should be clear.


Fashion is a quickly changing industry, always showing signs of change. Women fashion change in a wink. Be it women handbags, jewelry, As a fashion entrepreneur you should be adaptable – ready to adjust to the changing trends of your business. Fashion industry always tries to invent new designs. Lear to act quickly and adjust your design according to the market trend. Gather the new data and add the spark with your new ideas.

Powerful Communication

Good and effective communication easily influence others. Your ability to communicate effectively create connections in the fashion world. You can speak about your designs in the market. Powerful communication helps in selling your brand. It will help you to sell your vision and attract investors for you fashion stores or online shopping store. Successfully communicate your ideas and vision to your employees will help to grow in the industry. Also offering your workers on why they shouldn't escape when things definitely get harsh.

According to Charlie Chanaratsopon, above-mentioned characteristics develop with practice. It’s always better to start from one or two and your business success will be no longer far.