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20 Best Social Media Marketing Tools You Need in 2022

This article is about Best Social Media Marketing Tools that you can help you grow your business on the Internet in 2022.

20 Best Social Media Marketing Tools You Need in 2022

Friday May 31, 2019,

8 min Read

Best Social Media Marketing Tools in 2022:

Best Social Media Marketing Tools

Are You looking for Social Media Marketing Tools to Skyrocket your social media marketing results?

Then you are in the right place. Because in this article I will share with you list of amazing social media marketing tools that you need in 2022.

However, it can be a difficult task to manage all of your marketing campaigns and social media accounts manually. To help you with this task, There are some social media marketing tools available that can help you manage each and everything.

Social media tools are very important to be successful in all aspects. To do your marketing in a more organized way and effective way, you have to invest in the best marketing tools in social media. In this article, we will discuss the best social media marketing tools you should use to improve your marketing.

You can grow your visibility and build awareness about your brand by using social media marketing tools. You can find the best content, schedule your posts efficiently, analyze the analytics, measure the effectiveness of your posts with the help of these tools. So we cannot deny the importance of social media marketing tools.

Ready to find out which social media marketing tools are best for your business? There are some Social Media tools for your business that you might be already using grow fast on the social media world. If you are not using them then you can use them and thank me later. Here is the list of top social media marketing tools.

1- Likegrowers:

When it comes to Instagram Marketing then Likegrowers is top of that list because of its amazing features. They give you the option of filtering your liking options by locations, hashtags, and usernames. Likegrowers Instagram automation tool can help in your business marketing and save your time. Likegrowers provides you organic Instagram likes that can help you to get more reach and also targeted followers that are interested in your account. 100K plus users are already using Likegrowers so you can be the next one to check it out this amazing Instagram marketing tool. Their rates are affordable as compared to other Instagram Marketing tools.

2- RankingGrow:

RankingGrow is a leading digital marketing agency fully equipped with all the useful innovative internet marketing solutions. RankingGrow Instagram Marketing Agency provides 100% human Powered Instagram Organic Growth Service. If you are using Instagram bots or tools to get fake followers then RankingGrow is one of best company that can help you to get targeted and real followers on Instagram to boost your business. You can find many Instagram organic growth services out there but targeting and engaging with the real followers with optimized security and best performance makes them outshine the rest. They get you the desired audience efficiently at affordable prices.

3- Instasize:

Fun fact: Instasize was originally an image resizer app, back when Instagram only accepted square-cropped pictures. But Instagram has become much more dynamic since then; so has Instasize. Today, the app offers its users all the photo-editing tools necessary to craft, create, and curate stunning content—from artistic filters to modern fonts and other snazzy layout options, all to help influencers and Instagrammers alike grow their page at the speed of like.

4- Tagboard:

Tagboard is a useful tool in which you can generate new ideas and it also tells you how you can engage your audience and what to post. A social listening tool in which you just put in the topic, hashtag or term and it will organize your post.

5- Buzzsumo:

Buzzsumo is also a content maker tool and it is the best tool to give you fresh and famous content. Just give the topic or keywords to Buzzsumo and it will generate the most popular and trending posts for you. Using Buzzsumo you can create better content for your social media marketing campaigns.

6- Likesgainer:

Likesgainer is another great Instagram marketing tool. This tool will help you gain more Instagram reach and more followers. If you don’t believe that growing your Instagram organically through Instagram likes can be done simply by spending a few bucks then you can visit Likesgainer to read more about this tool. The good thing about this tool is this is working with safe organic interaction that means your account will be safe using this tool. Because there are also Other Instagram Auto Liker tools which are available free or at a cheap price can ban your Instagram account. So using this tool your account will be safe.

7- Hootsuite:

Hootsuite is the most popular tool in social media. It is very helpful where you can schedule your posts in advance and also helpful where you can analyze the analytics to check how your posts are performing in getting the audience and number of followers on your account.


IFTTT stands for “If This, Then that”. Different tools combine together and single recipes are formed. When you make a new Instagram post then you can set it up to send a tweet. IFTTT is a little tricky to use for the first time but with the passage of time, you can easily make the recipes.

9- MeetEdgar:

When you want to recycle old posts then MeetEdgar is the best option. It is a very powerful tool in scheduling your content by category and organizing your posts. The older updates of your posts are recycled and automatically convert into the scheduled post.

10- Everypost:

If I call Everypost all in one then I am not wrong. It is helpful in compiling all content and it collects all the multimedia content from Instagram, Youtube, Flickr, RSS feeds and much more. In this way, you can make your post more effective and generate more audience towards your account.

11- Bitly:

Sometimes, a long URL is not helpful in spreading on social media. Bitly is a social media marketing tool which helps to shorten any URL. These shorten URL can be used everywhere in social media. You can analyze your results and analytics with each link.

12- Cool Tabs:

Your marketing campaigns are managed through CoolTabs. Through website quizzes, competitions and promotions you can easily generate new leads. CoolTabs is the best option where you can collect the data from the audience and integrate it with your CRM.

13- Canva:

Canva is an Instagram marketing tool which helps you to create stunning images for your post and also for your stories. As we all know that Instagram is a visual media so Canva is the best tool where you can create multiple image layout and amazing graphics.

14- Dialogfeed:

This is an incredible Instagram marketing tool where you can leverage your UCG. Here you can boost your website SEO with the qualified audience. This is the amazing tool managing more than 10 social media networks like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and more.

15- AgoraPulse Contests:

This is a contest application where you can connect your Facebook pages and to carry the three types of contests among the fans. In this, you can randomly pick the winner who comments like the post. Ask the question and pick the winner and ask the fans to comment on a photo and pick the winner with more likes.

16- Sprout Social:

It is a management tool where you can strengthen the real connections with the people. It is very effective in creating social communication among people. With the multiple networks, it helps you to manage multiple social media profiles.

17- Sprinklr:

It is a very popular social media tool which is doing four functions. We can also call it a four-in-one tool where you can increase social engagement, social pushing, care for customers and advertising on the social network.

18- Sendible:

Sendible is a tool specially designed for agencies who  to manage social media for multiple clients. Here the pre-designed templates are available and you can create social media reports in minutes.

19- Social Clout:

Social Clout is a Social media analytics tool where you can calculate social media ROI and to track the engagement. It helps you in selecting which demographics have the best engagement.

20- Feedly:

Feedly is a content aggregator in which you collect content from different areas and make a single feed. Feedly is helpful in assembling the reading material. This is a great tool that you can use to create killing content.

21- Zoho Social:

If you are growing your business or you have a company then Zoho Social is the best tool where you can research relevant keywords, schedule your posts and manage multiple profiles.

Final Thoughts:

These are the best social media marketing tools which help you to organize your posts, get higher engagement rates and collecting the best content for your posts. Social media marketing tools are very helpful in promoting your brand and business on all social media networks. You can also get the new followers by using these tools but the tricky thing on social media is to convert these followers into subscribers and then ultimately customers.