Ammad Ali

Ammad Ali is the founder & CEO of RankingGrow. Ammad Ali is a blogger, entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, and great motivational speaker. He is also one of the best digital marketers in Pakistan. Ammad Ali has worked with many valuable clients who are recognized globally. Ammad Ali has been a part of the digital marketing industry since 2013. He is capable of making all of his clients successful through search engine marketing and social media marketing. He is a Digital Transformer who has helped multiple huge organizations in rapid growth through advanced digital marketing strategies. Mr. Ammad started his journey as a one-man team and now has more than 100 employees working for his company and providing digital marketing services to clients globally. With a strong belief in creating job opportunities, he is continually striving to uplift the digital ecosystem of Haripur Hazara, Pakistan. Having spoken at multiple physical and virtual events, he is educating and inspiring people to become better at digital marketing. Ammad Ali is an inspiration for many young entrepreneurs or many young people who are still dreaming of becoming a CEO of a successful company.