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SEO Techniques in 2019 to generate more organic traffic for your website

“The corporate market is a dream”, said no one ever.

SEO Techniques in 2019 to generate more organic traffic for your website

Friday August 30, 2019,

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Simple SEO Tips

5 simple seo tips for business

The world is now a racing track and you, my friend, are one of the many competitors. All your rewards, luxuries, accolades, comfort lie on the finish line. It’s called “profit”. If you wish to win the race, not only will you have to practice your skill as a driver but also upgrade your vehicle. 

This allegory is so damn true for the corporate world. The race is the market, and you are whooshing on with all you have to reach the finish line. As we said, you got to upgrade your coach, which means that you’ve to now improve your marketing strategies. How do we do that??

My dear friends (hold on to your beating hearts), the answer to this is quite simple- SEO. *confetti n’ applause*

Search Engine Optimization is the technique to help you take over the digital world by a force! It improves your visibility in the market by improving the rank of your brand in the search results. 

Innovation brings a newer “new” everyday therefore (thank your stars), there are a lot of technicalities that could get you moving up on the ranks of various search engines.

SEO experts roundup is a perfect way to grab some of the great working SEO tips from the established experts at a single place.

SEO helps you improve your click-through-rate

Now, there is, of course, the obvious use of SEO to improve your brand’s place among the throes of other competitors in the market, but what makes sure that your brand title gets clicked? To generate traffic on your page, people need to click on your website link.

Uh-huh, now what?

SEO services help optimize two things that get uses to click through your page: the title tag and the meta-description. 

Your title tag should be as tempting as Eden’s apple. It should have certain power words, a clear mention of the USP, providing the intent of your website and setting all of this in unison with the search words that users type in.

Use internal links to make underperforming pages work better

Internal links are like jewels on the website. They embellish it, accessorize it, and make it more mouth-watering. They are links to other pages on the same website. They can also improve Google search ranks as they add to the “authorial aura” of the website. 

SEOs also help you regain the lost “link juice” from dead pages using backlinks

Dead pages are bad monsters that eat up space and memory from the page. Thus, SEO helps you to squeeze those buggers and take out whatever juice you can for future use. This can be done by reinstating a dead page, redirecting it or leaving it as a 404 code.

Your website gets linked to money pages using the “Middleman Method.”

It is no child’s play to link the main website to the “money pages”. This feat can be achieved by the diplomatic “Middleman” method. Now, this is no rocket science because you simply get to create a genre-specific blog page and add internal links to your “money pages” within links on the main page. This makes your blog post the middleman in the process. 

Get featured on snippets. They snap the attention right away!

When you search stuff on Google, say the meaning to a word, before enlisting websites that give you your information, a simple box appears that concisely displays the requisite information and also provides a link where you may read or search further.

This box is called a “snippet”. Statistics bear testimony to the fact that websites that got featured as snippets clearly show a much greater click-through-rate than others on the same search page. 

Refurbish your existing content

SEO manages to help you do-over your website content. Your data is organized, structured, edited, deleted, and modified to fit the bill. The market is always changing.

You got to keep up with the latest trends and keep updating your content to meet the demand in the market. A lot of ways to do that which include the age old trial and error method and using Google Analytics.  

Low-hanging content is the way to do it

Like we’ve discussed already, websites with internal links sought to be better-ranked than those with less or no such links.

But, that’s not always true. There are certain websites with no links at all that have a commendable click-through-rate.

No, we are not joking

It is simply done by using low-hanging content. What is that? Let me explain. Low-hanging content is actually just keywords that catch the user’s eyes because it fits their description but is also unique in some way.  

Create a plexus of links to highlight crucial mentions

A lot of times your website gets mentioned, but people do not instantly get a link to it, which reduces your CTR. There is a simple way to bite this down. SEO helps change those references to your website to internal links, the backlinks to which take users directly to your content page. 

Boost your traffic potential using content gap plug-ins

Often, you might miss certain necessary information that your competitors have mentioned regarding your website’s genre. 

Didn’t we promise we won’t let you lag behind in this race to the finish?

The SEO services help you look for what you’re missing by analyzing the websites of your competitors. You can now add internal links to those topics.

This helps you in two ways- it mentions the addition in your keywords and also makes your website a promising topical and updated one that users could rely on.

Use the dead pages of your competitors to build your own links

Now, this is called stratagem. You get to use the dead pages inside your competitor’s websites and the backlinks available in them to create backlinks to your own. 

Learn of any possible image theft from your website

The web provides endless possibilities for people to use the images on your website without the necessary attribution.

SEOs help you get attribution for images that are your work and have been used without permission. It helps you find websites that have done so and also to connect with them to issue requests to your page.