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5 mind-bending statistics about co-working

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5 mind-bending statistics about co-working

Tuesday October 24, 2017,

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Over the past few years, the conceptual idea of co-working just crossed a conservative notion in countries, where co-working was just a nuisance for most companies or MNC’s. Now the co-working industry is on the insane fast growth trajectory, almost bearing 1 million people integrated into the concept of co-working into their business life. The past few years co-working has seen an immense growth of company’s habitation to such an era, where co-working has grown so fast that the lost track of time has got our tongues tied up - The thing that sparked a global movement and marked its phenomenal revolution: the people.


Here are 5 mind-blowing statistics (not entirely surprising) about co-working:

1. 71% of co-working companies are collaborative

Almost 71% of the co-working companies across the globe have collaborated with other companies over the past 12 months, knowing that companies do have selective, yet better choices with facility management. This collaboration makes it sophisticated for companies to work with each other, have easier amends, a supportive work field, innovative ideas, and thoughts.

2. 89% of co-working members are happier

A survey showed that 89% of co-working members were happier in their work field, as far as the dynamics of work is concerned, a happier workplace induces better and enforced work skills, therefore contributing more to the company. A community of business people, especially in a co-working habitat remarks greater percentage of success in their work. The survey did convey that about 67% of the people said co-working has improved their professional success.

3. 81% members stated that co-working helps better focus

Co-working does induce reduced stress and better focus, especially in an environment full of like-minded people. These rates have statistically increased over the past few years with regard to how people reacted to the concept of co-working, now the adaptation to such a trend drastically grew and people are now satisfied with shared office cubicles  for so much less. Even the landlord wouldn’t rent out a place for so less, nevertheless having to pay for electricity and furniture. Co-working gives you the best of both worlds and much more.


4. Motivation being the key to success

69% of people said co-working has helped them infuse better focus skills by being motivated in what they do. They are more engaged and connected with everything that takes place, making it more reliable for them to set foot onto success in their field of work. Most of these co-working spaces also stated that people felt less lonely and incompetent, but with co-working in place, things helped change the office space dynamics.

5. Facilitation benefits and higher incomes

In a survey of all the co-working spaces in the world, 90% of the people said they feel more confident and satisfied with co-working. With regard to facility support right at their doorstep, the focus and concentration of business embarked a victory in their company incomes. With flexible office timings being an advantage at hand, the stress of working 8/9 hours a day is eliminated; making it easier for clients and customers to define their own office timings.

The revolution of co-working does surprise most business enterprises since MNC’s have also started to invest in an office space to stimulate creativity and reduce pressurized stress.