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3 mistakes to avoid during yoga

Saturday July 15, 2017,

2 min Read

Those who are imbued with the spirit of yoga mistakes and decided to attend classes for the improvement of yourself, self, often expect noticeable results. Yoga trainer always remind involved that the main thing is the desire, rather than the end result, you should not overload yourself. Nevertheless, there are several common mistakes which remove the positive effect, lead to injury. Everyone who practices yoga should:

1. Do not forget about breathing. Deep and regular breathing – is the foundation for many asanas. Behind it is necessary to watch over the entire session. Once breathing increased, the load on the body has become very high and it is necessary to interrupt the asana. Breathing and exercise helps to achieve harmony, without breathing Yoga turns into a normal physical education.

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2. Do not wait for fast results. During one session yogi no one will. As much as people did not want and did not load your body, but repeated all over the coach without proper training can not. It all depends on each person’s organism alone, the result can appear within a month or two a year, but he is bound to be.

3. Do not attempt to perform “advanced” postures. Each asana has several levels of difficulty, preparatory exercises. If the novice is difficult to perform as well as the coach or the other engaged person, he should not be forced to try to make the most difficult exercise. Over time, the body can easily take the desired shape.