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5 Challenges those come with Freelancer

Wednesday March 22, 2017,

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Freelancers are the remote team members with no long term commitment. Today, most of the work is preferably outsourced to theses clads in comfortable pyjamas or lounge wear, sitting at home in front of a laptop with a hot cup of coffee. In the recent times, freelancers have got in trend. Most of the companies choose to deploy the work to a freelancer rather than accomplishing it on its own. Probably low costing amplified with desired output ensures frequent projects to them. Nevertheless, they’re an integral part of startup ecosystem. But does the water look that crystal clear? Do we actually get the result as expected?

Apparently not. “Availability, Priorities, Quality and Lack of experience” The words commonly told by the ones who possess experience working with a freelancer. With the increase in number of startups, there has been a significant elevation in the number of freelancers entrusting opportunities to students working after college/school, an employee working after his nine to five job or a full time freelancer. Above all this, the outcome doesn’t stand at par satisfaction even after hours of tick tock and endless revisions.

Here are five notions attached to the freelance economy, assumed by me:-

Companies need a more liquid workforce to cope up with regular flow of work. Managing a team that schedules from nine to five won’t help in this competitive landscape. Moreover, the void in freelance spectrum doesn’t profess an acceptable alternative.

1. The market is jam packed with inexperienced and incompetent freelancers. They don’t bestow the requisite know-how and eventually face certain challenges such as a student with negligible experience or examinations, causing delay or even working professionals with full time jobs with overloaded work are unable to complete project causing delay, quality issues and so on.

2. Internet Marketing has taken the world by storm. Data metrics have been replacing all the traditional channels of marketing and eventually digital marketing has become the need of the hour. What if a company outsource its marketing campaigns to a freelancer? Will it be able to fetch the required visibility? Or how many of them have the credibility to generate organic leads and help the company grow? Around 60% of the clients tend to remain unsatisfied with the marketing proficiency of freelancers.

3. If one wishes to get quality work done from the rather sophomoric freelancer space one needs to have the right understanding of the marketing and communication tools and techniques. It is redundant to expect from an SME owner or a Tech Cofounder. The agencies, however, are better choices along with their schooled teams to enumerate the small enterprise’s needs.

4. Freelancers are limited in their scope. A Java developer may not integrate the algorithms of AI and VR because that will require his additional series of learning and thus he proves to be ineffective. Whereas, a specialized marketplace can transcend to be a probable prerogative as they continually develop with the changing dynamics of the market.

5. Companies need to hire different people for accomplishing a different set of tasks. One may be trained in website designing, whereas the other may be a content writer. This lead to threshing of more time in locating the right person, added cost etc.. Thus an agency that can fill all these voids at affordable cost could be an overwhelming quick fix to the unaddressed limitations of freelancer community.