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What makes a restaurant “Good”?

We all have been there, dined out, talked about the best and the worst restaurants in Surat. But, how actually does one rate a restaurant and what all things are required for building and maintaining the reputation of a good restaurant. 

What makes a restaurant “Good”?

Thursday July 13, 2017,

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I feel one needs hard work, dedication and it takes years to build up a reputation. Here are some points which I have gathered up and should be considered:

1) Welcoming: Who will not like to be treated politely? Making a sincere contact is a great way to start off ones experience in a restaurant. The key to happy customers is communication. Eye contact, polite greetings and being responsive is the best way to set up the tone for the dining experience; and this is important not just in their physical presence but also responding to table reservations on call or online too.

2) A simple and flexible menu: We all like to look and read menus which are in simple language and not so complicated to understand. Providing a variety of dishes is not a bad thing but keeping your standards up high with a consistent taste is difficult and which needs to be taken care of. Another thing is flexibility. If one wishes to have something less spicy, spicier, sugar free etc., then a restaurant must be equipped to handle such requests as guests may have some dietary restrictions, allergies etc. Customizations will make guests happy.

The Lime Tree at Hotel Lords Plaza, Surat

The Lime Tree at Hotel Lords Plaza, Surat

3) The staff: Apart from food, the staff too plays a great role in building up an experience in a restaurant. Having a staff which is polite, fun-to-be-around is what makes guests visit your restaurant again and a way to get recommendations. The staff should be knowledgeable as well and must be aware of the cooking methods; the basic ingredients used and should to be able to answer any queries from the customers.

4) The food: Of course, this is the primary thing one must consider, having a delicious dish on the plate with good presentation, will definitely bring a smile on your guest’s face. Giving regular training to your chefs, updating the menu and maintain the taste and food hygiene are to be kept in mind.

5) The atmosphere: What we call as the “ambience”! The ambience sets the stage and is the first impression one has just after entering your restaurant. The lighting has to be right, the seating and table settings have to be in place and the music should be perfect. The location and ease of access should be considered too. One such restaurant that comes to my mind in terms of ambience is, The Lime Tree at Hotel Lords Plaza, Surat, which is a rooftop restaurant, where one can relax with a beautiful view of the city. Another attraction here is the fountain which definitely took some extra points.

6) Social media presence: Last but not the least, getting your restaurant in the business means letting the people know about it. Being active on social media is very important as many guests these days are looking at their smart phones to find a restaurant and will depend on reviews from others. Maintaining an online reputation is mandatory too.