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Cheat Sheet to Improve Mobile App User Retention Ratio

It is a race and race towards success. With so many similar apps taking market by storm, it is the one with better user experience survives.

Cheat Sheet to Improve Mobile App User Retention Ratio

Thursday February 23, 2017,

2 min Read

Keep mobile app users happy

Keep mobile app users happy

It is quite difficult to decrease user abandoned rates while increase app retention and engagement rates. You see many apps daily that looks promising however users get bounced after installing it and using it for the very first time. App design and user experience plays an important role in user retention rates.

So what actually contributes to Mobile App retention rates? Here are a few things that will help you.

Quick On-boarding: This starts with the first window of the mobile application. Onboarding includes sign-up features where placing a lengthy form is an outdated technique. Make sure you provide users with easy signup features such as login using social media platforms and so on.

Push Notifications: It has been observed that push notifications contribute a lot to repeat visits. These notifications remind users again and again that they have signed up to the application. What matters here is what notifications you send out. It is important to identify user persona. Notifications must be tailored to a specific user pulls a them to use the app again and again.

App Iterations: Your app whether a finished product or a beta version needs update. Make sure you analyze user behavior to identify which additional features can make your app better. Modifying the app on regular basis keeps your users encouraged and contributes to user retention.

To implement this stuff, let us look at tactics to keep users engaged.

• Analyze onboarding options: This is pretty straight-forward and doesn’t need any explanation. Ensure you provide the easiest way to sign-up.

• Use Incentives: If you have an app where some discounts or coupons can be given, make sure you distribute them. For business apps, you can extend discounts on your other products or can give then food coupons.

• User Recordings: This allows you to see how users are engaging on your mobile application. By using this you can smooth out the fraction points on your app.

• Heat Maps: It shows you where users are actually clicking. Taps, swipes and pinches are actions that will provide you with insight on user behavior. This will help you identify the right spots to place right elements.

Thus everything revolves around providing the best user experience and delivering a personalized app that necessarily satisfy some of the user needs.