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This is a user generated content for MyStory, a YourStory initiative to enable its community to contribute and have their voices heard. The views and writings here reflect that of the author and not of YourStory.

Why art and creativity are important for your kids ?

Kids have an innate affinity to arts and games. Spend a few hours with kids and you could feel how much they are bonded to arts – may be drawing random pictures on the walls, or creating artefacts in colourful papers etc. Maybe, our genes have inherited this interest owing to the slew of good qualities it offer to kids. 

Friday November 18, 2016,

3 min Read

However, our school curriculum these days give too much focus on academic subjects and the teachers are often eager to degrade the arts period to “a session that is not productive”. Many fail to realize that art education could serve as the building blocks of child development. Acquiring the skills to craft visual aesthetics would help to improve the IQ of a kid and foster certain values like enthusiasm, and patience. Let us learn more about the importance of arts for kids.

Bilateral Coordination – Activities like colouring, sketching etc. insist on your kid to make use of both hands concurrently. Our brain is cross-wired, which implies that the left hemisphere of the brain have a hold over the right side of the brain and vice-versa. Art education can supercharge your kid by stimulating both hemispheres of the brain.

Language development – If you are a parent or a nursery teacher, you may probably go nuts teaching a kid. Try teaching a kid using arts, and you could find that it is relatively simpler to teach the kids. Kids will be able to learn about colours, shapes, and actions in an effortless manner.

Decision Making – A study undertaken by Americans for the arts have brought to light the fact that art education reinforces core skills like critical thinking and problem solving. The experience of taking choices and decisions through a simple art creation can prove to be worthy during the subsequent phases of life.

Foster self-esteem – The ability to create a simple art-related work can inculcate a spirit of self-esteem in kids and inspire them to embark upon more challenging activities in future.

Self-regulation – Try making an animation art or sand art, and you could easily realize that it demands more self-control and patience than anything else does. By mastering simple art works, kids will apprehend that not everything in life goes in the direction that we steer. It will enhance the flexibility, patience, and self-control in kids.

Visual learning – Give a smartphone to your toddler and you could see your kid taming the “Angry Birds” in no time. This point to the fact that kids can acquire visual information even before they can read. Kids can be encouraged to take up any art course of their interest – be it drawing, carving with clay, or lacing beads on a thread.

Ingenuity – Kids interested in art works can also lead the pack in future when they are assigned a mission-critical task. This is because arts inspire kids to look for improvements and adopt out-of-the-box thinking instead of simply cramming the guidelines.

Better academic performance – Recent study has revealed that there is a strong correlation between academic performance and art. Kids who take part in the arts on a regular basis are 4 times more likely to be admired for academic feat than kids who do not chip in arts related activities.