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WeNirman + Digital Kiosks

Saturday November 05, 2016,

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With the rise in digitalization and e-commerce websites, everyone wishes that their business should be online as it can reach more (defined) audience and engage more people. But can every online business be successful? No. In order to be successful, a business needs to be a standout and unique among other things. That is what we are. We are Unique.

When you plan to get your home refurbished or purchase a new one or getting it reconstructed, you require basic needs like hardware, bathware, kitchen, electrical, lighting etc. If you love luxury, we have smart home accessories to give your home the look and feel of a futuristic home.

It can be a very exhausting going from shop to shop to buy everything plus you may not get everything from one shop or the specific product that you require. That is where we step in. At WeNirman, we understand how important and tiring shopping for basic post construction products can be. To make your job simpler, we offer basic different products that you require at amazing prices from renowned brands. We are the first and one of a kind e-commerce website that gives you the liberty to shop for everything that your home requires after construction. Choose from various categories and brands according to your needs and get it delivered at your doorstep and save time and money too. If you order in bulk, you will be eligible for more discounts.

Keeping that in mind, we are coming with Digital Kiosks which is said to bring the power of online in offline! It would be installed in major cities in India ensuring security and credibility.The people who don’t trust the online ordering can place their orders digitally through the Kiosks that promise secure transitions. We want to make a huge impact and be the reason of change in the buying patterns of Indians. But how? Before we explain what it is all about, let us understand its concept and purpose.

Kiosk machine is an unattended self-service booth which has a touchscreen computer that has stored information in its hard drive which enables the customers to access online information offline! It can also be a ticket booth or a machine specially dedicated to one particular website and its contents that are set up by the organization. Each Kiosk machine has its own motive.

#WeNirman has recognized the power of Kiosk machines and how it can help in expansion of a business and accelerates its growth.

We are working on knitting a web of Kiosk Machines in major cities of India by the end of November. The machines are very user-friendly, and their usage can be learnt very easily. All you have to do is to enter the booth and go through the options and choose which particular product(s) you wish to purchase. Then choose the mode of payment and provide with your Shipping address. If you are not familiar with the working of a Kiosk machine you don’t need to worry, instructions would be mentioned on how to place your order.

The most exciting feature about shopping with WeNirman is that it is a one click store for everything that your home needs post-construction.

Be a part of this digital revolution and our blooming venture and witness series of change. If you wish to invest with us or be a franchise, please contact us on: 0120-6888800 or mail us for all your queries and suggestions at: [email protected]