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SunTec India: Beating the Odds in IT Outsourcing

Here’s an excerpt from an interview with the CEO and Co-Founder of SunTec Web Services.

Wednesday October 19, 2016,

4 min Read

SunTecIndia is a multi-process IT outsourcing services provider specializing in providing Data Management, Digital Marketing, eCommerce and ePublishing services to clients worldwide. The company also specializes in developing advanced applications and APIs to help automate project workflows and harmonize data. Founded by Rajesh Bhateja in 1999, with a team of only 17 people, SunTec India is now a team of 1000 people, serving over 3600 clients across 30 countries.

Q1. Could you please describe SunTec as a company and its journey so far?

SunTec is a leading data and content solutions company providing a wide range of business process management and workflow related project solutions to online and retail businesses, technology companies, publishing companies, NGOs & NPOs, Real Estate and Mortgage Companies. Having experience of more than a decade, SunTec has helped organizations to create, distribute and manage content through its wide range of data management services which include business and market research, sales and marketing enablement, data quality management, eCommerce management, ePublishing, eLearning solutions, apps development, etc. SunTec has emerged as a major market player and has strongly positioned itself globally spanning across UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

Q2. How does SunTec help clients to better focus on the core business activities?

SunTec helps clients with their business requirements by providing them quality and cost effective services. With over a decade of experience and expertise in delivering multi-process IT outsourcing services spanning diverse industry verticals, we help clients reduce costs, increase efficiency, business value and sales. We provide economical solutions to our clients by adhering to proven methodologies and using latest technology to help them to better focus on their business activities.

Q3. What are the major services provided by SunTec?

SunTec has always been committed to providing seamless, consistent services of the highest standard in a most cost-effective manner. We use latest technology to enhance our efficiency and deliver customized solutions to wide range of industry verticals such as real estate, healthcare, data management, legal, technology, education, etc.

We offer a mixed pool of services, which include:

1. Online Retail

1.1. SKU Building

1.2. Digital Assets and Creative

1.3. Original Product Content

2. Data Management

2.1. Data Intelligence

2.2. Data Marketing

2.3. Data Support

3. Digital Publishing

3.1. eBook Development

3.2. Educational Solutions

3.3. XML and DTD design

3.4. eReader App, Publishers App and other products

Q4. What are the business models that SunTec offers to clients?

We primarily offer two business models to clients according to the type, scope and requirement of the project. Fixed Cost (ODT Model) wherein the client pays a fixed cost every month according to the number of people involved in the project. The major benefit of this model is that the client gets access to the team working on the project as they work exclusively on that project. The other model that we offer to clients is the time and material model wherein the client has to pay according to the time spent, resources utilized on the project and the number of pages completed. This model is best suited for projects where the projected duration of the project is most likely to change.

Q5. What is the best thing about being an entrepreneur and what are the challenges that you faced?

“Ideas are easy, implementation is not”- Well, this quote is true for every entrepreneur. It is definitely an incredible feeling to be able to shape up an organization, to see it grow and extend its footprints globally by overcoming all the challenges that comes along the way. Setting up any business from scratch is one the major challenge and as an entrepreneur it was always challenging to procure the right talent, generate adequate capital, maintain quality without increasing the costs and last but not the least form long term relationship with customers.

Q6. Tell us something about your team?

SunTec has a resource pool of over 1000 highly experienced and talented personnel on board, which include management graduates, law graduates, copywriters, sales and marketing professionals, certified developers, data entry experts, programmers, coders, IT professionals, designers, data processing specialists and others excelling in specific domains.

Q7. Finally, what are your future business plans?

We definitely have plans to expand our operations, though our primary goal has always centered on continuous improvement, which involves delivering value and maintaining quality using proven methodologies. We have been working on improving our processes using Six Sigma apart from evaluating available technology and automation options. We are investing in front-end services and industries and focusing on building world-class systems and processes to provide our clients with integrated end-to-end outsourcing services. In the years to come we look forward to attaining broader geographical footprint supported by deep vertical penetration.