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Reasons for stress among IITians and other top engineers

Reasons for stress among IITians and other top engineers

Sunday April 15, 2018,

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India is a developing country and yet we see a trend of stress and depression among IITians causing deaths among many youths. The same trend has been noticed among the top engineers of top colleges too. Before a baby learns the ways of life, he or she knows that he wants to be an engineer. How is this possible? This idea has been enforced upon them and no doubt, with the passing of days and years, they get trapped in what they had quoted long ago. Nevertheless, they become IITians and top engineers of reputed engineering colleges. They achieve fame and money. So, why is stress still experienced by those achievers? Let us have a look into the possible reasons of the state of mind.

Top 3 Reasons for Stress

Parental Pressure: This is a common reason and most of the students have secretly shared this feeling with the media too. The pressure put by parents on the young minds to be an Engineer stresses them out. By the time, they are where they had to be in terms of success and fulfilling the dreams of the parents, they are exhausted. They start realizing that they haven’t done anything that they wanted to. This eventually leads to stress which is overcome by a few while the rest fall prey to death or other critical conditions.

Competition to be the Best: You may achieve the top position owing to your efforts. You may not have the same urge every time. However, the expectations from teachers, parents and your peers to maintain the same position take a toll on the toppers. It is a world that kills you with the unnecessary expectations.

No Value for Authenticity: One of the IITians in the past had mentioned that all the assignments assigned were done by her and the authenticity was maintained. On the other hand, others would use the same content from the internet and eventually scored more than the student who had put in heart and soul. Is this justifiable? There is no shortcut to the success we hear every day but what about this situation that is lingering in every top engineering institute. This is not fair.

Indian Education System: There is no doubt that the education system of our country is one of the reasons the IITians and engineers are getting into the stress mode. More importance is given to students who have better score irrespective of the fact that he or she may have concepts better. This has led to more eligible candidates being rejected while ineligible candidates selected in MNCs. What is the true worth of study when you have no knowledge? This system has definitely bothered students who are more into conceptual learning than mere memorization knowledge.

The pressure of Job: The stress among students is also for the competition among students for being placed in the top corporates and MNCs. Gone are the days when students are inclined to getting into Research and Developmental studies. Now students are more into MNCs and with the coming of these companies for placement, the competition has gotten fierce. Someone who gets the job is appreciated and praised. On the other hand, someone who doesn’t is looked down upon by the students, teachers and parents. Is this not a stronger reason for stress?

Every student is different and every person has a different dream of the level of understanding. Pressurizing your child or student or friend, you might just add to the misery of those. If possible, give them space and surrounding they need in which they can explore their talent and ability in the best possible way.